12 Ways to Build Trust with Moms

1. Have a Strong Web Presence

When parents can find out about your school online, before ever visiting your program, you allow them to “get to know you” a little bit, before they actually get to know you. 

When they can start getting to know you at the exact moment they become curious – even if they are surfing the interwebs at 2am – they can also start liking and trusting you sooner…. Which gives you an advantage when they come in for the tour. You’ll have less convincing to do, and they will be more likely to enroll. 

Your website should be well thought out and include as much info as you are able. Be sure to touch on your story, share your mission and core values, detail the programs you offer, introduce visitors to your team, highlight parent reviews, post relevant and helpful blog articles, and contact info.

Be sure you have an appealing, modern design, and that all the techy backend stuff is optimized as well. You need to be found when people are searching for preschools! 

You’ll also want to make sure that your social media presence is planned out and consistent. Showcase all the amazing things going on at your school, share client reviews, give parenting tips, do facebook lives, etc. Tell your story! All of these things build TRUST with moms (parents)!

If you’d like help with your website and social media – check out our partner company, Grow Your Center.

2. Share Your Story

Your story is unique. Whether you are a mother-daughter team that grew a large franchise from a small in-home start-up, a school teacher turned center owner, or a specialty preschool for bi-lingual children, sharing your story will help moms looking for child care become acquainted with you. Build TRUST by letting them know WHY you started your school and telling them about your journey to get there.

3. Share Reviews & Testimonials

Nothing communicates TRUST like a recommendation from another happy parent. Be sure to share your client reviews and testimonials in all of your marketing materials. Whether it’s online, print, video, or a billboard – find a way to squeeze in a testimonial (or five)!

If you aren’t currently collecting parent reviews – put a system in place THIS WEEK to get this started!

4. Build Authority with Your Blog or Book

Demonstrate your expertise by regularly updating your blog with helpful articles about child development, fun activities, parenting tips, center news, and other similar info.

You can also self publish a short book about a parenting, educational or child related topic and give it away on tours.

When you are a published author, whether in articles or books, you begin to be viewed as an EXPERT on that subject. People tend to TRUST experts more than “regular Joes.”

For instance, if you had a rash that was concerning you, would you trust the diagnosis of a board certified physician or your teen-aged neighbor more? You’d probably go with the expert.

5. Build Rapport

When you have a prospect on the phone for the first time, or when they come in for a tour, or when passing parents in the hallways, look for things that you have in common with your clients and prospects.

Did you grow up near each other? Both have red-haired daughters named Katie? Learn that you both spent time on a bowling league in your younger years?

Point that stuff out!

When you have similarities with people, you are viewed by them as “normal,” and “just like me.” It creates affinity. And the more similarities you have, the more likable and trustworthy you become, in their eyes.

6. A Well Thought Out Tour

When a prospective family is willing to come in and meet with you on a tour of your program, be sure not to waste the opportunity.

You need to be prepared.

  • Consider the five senses before they walk in the door.
  • Have professional marketing materials ready.
  • Prepare a place to talk with the parents.
  • Train your teachers how to conduct themselves when prospects are touring.
  • Give a goodie bag at the end of the tour.
  • And more – Just be sure to plan and prepare!

7. Parent Referrals

If a trusted friend or family member recommends a business or service to you, you’ll likely heed their advice, right?

If someone you ALREADY TRUST tells you, “Yes, give that new restaurant a try. We went there last week and had the BEST experience. The food was great, the service was stellar, and we will definitely be going back,” it raises your confidence that you’ll also have a great experience if you visit.

It is even MORE true if happy parent’s refer people to your school. Parents aren’t risking something as trivial as the possibility of a bad meal when they enroll at your center. They are risking the safety and well-being of their child.

Help happy clients (and staff) refer more families to you by having a parent referral program in place. Reward those that refer to you with discounts, prizes, gifts, and public thanks.

Publish and publicize your referral program often so parents are reminded to refer to you.

8. A Well Trained Team that Consistently Meets (and Exceeds) Expectations

When parents feel that they know what to expect when it comes to the care and education services that you provide, and that you consistently deliver on your promises, you will build TRUST. Be sure to have well documented policies, processes, expectations, etc. Then train your team well so you are delivering consistent, high-quality service to your families. If you get this right, not only will they be happy clients for life, but they will begin referring others to you as well.

9. Give Back and Create Goodwill

When you can demonstrate that you CARE about your community, the less fortunate, or a worthwhile cause it helps moms to TRUST that you will also CARE for their child.

Organize a toy drive, volunteer at the women’s shelter, allow the girl scouts to use your multi-purpose room for meetings, take up a collection for a fire victim, etc.

People are all about “causes” lately.

Find ways to make it about others whenever you can, and parent’s will be proud to be associated with your school.

10. Use a Digital Parent App

Build and keep the TRUST of moms by communicating with them as often as you can. When you use a digital parent communication app, updates about their child and the goings-on at your school are always at their fingertips.

The more you are able to share with parents through the app, the better!

11. Have a Camera Monitoring System

Whether you live-stream your cameras online, or keep the feed private, you should have a video surveillance system in place. This offers parents the peace of mind that IF “something happened,” you’d be able to get to the bottom of it quickly.

It demonstrates transparency. Shows that you put the safety of their child first. Makes you trustworthy.

12. Demonstrate that Health, Safety, & Education are Top Priorities

When parent’s walk through your building, whether for the first time or daily, they should see EVIDENCE of your commitment to the health, safety, and education of the children in care.

If you say you are committed to safety, but your playground is full of hazards and broken equipment, people will not trust you that you will follow through on your promises.

Your rooms and common areas should be clean and tidy. Health and wellness policies should be enforced. Educational activities should be witnessed regularly.

When you regularly show that these things are your top priorities, moms will trust that you are doing a fantastic job of caring for their little ones!

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