2020: Year in Review, Predictions, and Controversies

Kris digs in this week to recap the crazy year of 2020 and reflect on her biggest accomplishments and challenges, both personally and professionally. She gives a roundup of the best moments of 2020, the top three insights from the year that we can take into 2021 and beyond, and even shares something controversial as well. This has been a year of strength, innovation, and challenge for many of us, but Kris fully believes the growth of 2021 will be something to uplift us and provide us with even more gratitude for the things we love to do and for the people that we love to do them with.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [3:35] Kris reflects on where her mindset was and what plans were in motion for her and The Child Care Success Company in January of 2020.

  • [8:42] Kris discusses what it was like for herself and the CCSC staff during the beginning of the lockdown in March. She reveals what she credits to be the biggest reason behind CCSC being able to secure their own PPP loans.

  • [12:00] Kris reflects on the professional dream that she was able to achieve this year and the three major personal accomplishments that she is most proud of and excited to share this year.

  • [16:39] Kris discusses what went into putting together CCSC’s first ever virtual summit and how going virtual affected it’s attendance

  • [22:07] Learn the surprising percentage of growth CCSC was able to achieve, despite a tumultuous year.

  • Kris admits to the an “oopsie” moment she said on a webinar she hosted during the beginning of the pandemic where her predictions about the pandemic were off.

  • [30:19] Kris shares her three biggest and important insights from 2020. 

  • [39:37] Learn what personal, controversial opinion Kris isn’t afraid to reveal regarding the new COVID vaccine. 

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