27 To 7: Fighting For Disruption with Allyx Schiavone

It’s a crucial episode this week as Kris and guest Allyx Schiavone address head-on the challenges we face and the steps we must take to address the biggest issues in childcare. Allyx brings a wealth of expertise as the Executive Director of the Friends Center for Children, boasting a remarkable 30-year career solely dedicated to early learning. Allyx also chairs the Childcare for Connecticut’s Future Coalition, passionately advocating for change while managing her own center day in and day out. Kris and Allyx talk about how to make change, why we still struggle with the same issues year after year, and some incredibly creative ideas for affordable housing solutions. Allyx shares her passion to work with real childhood rockstars, and let them know how valuable they are, even when society may not reflect it back.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [8:42] Allyx discusses the mission and values of the Friends Center for Children.

  • [13:40] The challenges in access and affordability are systemic, so therefore, it requires a systemic solution.

  • [14:05] It does feel like fighting at the coalition level because we are fighting for disruption against what is currently being done.

  • [14:23] The focus of the coalition and their broad approach to creating healthy systems.

  • [15:46] The top pillars where change needs to be affected.

  • [22:39] Using Vermont as a model of what it can look like when the business industry invests in our system.

  • [25:00] Why do we continue to have the same issues?

  • [30:02] Kris talks about her advocacy group, Child Care Champions.

  • [34:02] What can owners, directors, and parents do to work together to be part of a solution and make a difference?

  • [35:13] Planning group events and writing op-eds can help educate the public on what needs to be done to disrupt the system.

  • [36:43] How can we move forward in our industry with a labor shortage and burnout epidemic that leaves us more than 80K providers short?

  • [40:08] Allyx talks about the partnership with housing advocates and donors who invested in homes for teachers to live for free, which then opened up more money for all teachers to get a bigger raise.

  • [47:05] Allyx talks about breaking the patterns from her own challenging childhood and how much of a blessing being a parent has been in her life.

  • [49:08] To Allyx, the real rock stars are the women who show up, fight, and give their all even when society tells them that they aren’t enough.

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