3 Concrete Hiring Strategies to Use in Your Child Care Business That Will Help Solve Your Hiring Issues

As the pandemic panic beings to slow and your school starts to fill up again, many of you are now faced with the challenge of making sure that you have enough staff and teachers in place to handle your new wave of enrollments. In the YouTube video below, I walk you through three proven hiring strategies that work time and time again among our Child Care Success Academy members. Implementing even just one of these strategies is guaranteed to help you solve your hiring issues and find great candidates so you are well prepared to welcome new enrollments with open arms and hit your capacity!

Key takeaways from this video:

  • If Your Hiring Funnels Aren’t Working, Take a Different Approach – If things aren’t working for you, go in a different direction than what everybody else in your local market is doing. Find a way to stand out. Make sure that your hiring ads demonstrate fun, your schools’ core values, excellence, and all of the awesome perks that you offer (whether they are big or small, advertise anything that enhances the lives of your staff).
  • Look For Candidates Outside of the ECE Field – Sometimes the best candidates aren’t necessarily the ones that are looking for a job as a teacher or in the ECE field. Target your hiring ads to a broader audience and advertise in all types of local businesses in your community. Many Child Care Success Academy members have also acquired great candidates through implementing an Employee Referral program – chances are that some of your A-player teachers have A-player friends that would make a great fit in your school!
  • Advertise Your Unique Benefits (and Make Sure They Stand Out From Your Competition) – With fast-food restaurants and grocery stores currently paying well over minimum wage, it can be tough to attract candidates with your low starting rate pay. But what that big-box retailer doesn’t offer is any unique and fun perks and benefits. You need to intentionally market how your school strives to enhance the lives of your employees and cares about them as a whole person. Do a competitive analysis and check out the hiring ads of not only other preschools in your area but also any other businesses in your area that you are losing candidates to and see what unique perks and benefits they are offering. Once you’ve done your research, get creative and come up with fresh and exciting benefits that beat out your competitions – and don’t worry, not all benefits and perks offered come with a hefty price tag (a large list of unique, fun inexpensive benefits and perks can be found in Relationship Roadmap by Sindye Alexander).

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