3 Must-Do’s for Filling Your New Location

Opening a new child care location? Do you have the “opening a new school” deer in the headlight look? You are 6 months out from opening your doors and you want all the right marketing pieces to open as full as possible. These tips can get you full upon opening… even with a waiting list!

I get asked this question all the time from clients who are opening a new school and want to know what pre-opening strategies they can do, at least 6 months out, to get their enrollment numbers rocking the first day the doors actually open.

The 3 strategies to take action are:

Online Presence – In addition to adding your NEW child care location to your website as soon as you have it secure, there are many other on-line steps that you need to take to claim your business listing in search engines.

Local Community – This face-to-face strategy is very beneficial to your success of your new venture and your enrollment numbers. Utilize local business partners to your advantage.

Grand Opening Event – Create the “buzz” about your new location/your grand opening. Turn this event into a big splash!

I go into detail in my video blog above about these 3 tips to help get you 60,70, 80 even 100% enrolled by the time you open your doors. These strategies will help give you the cash flow boost and the business confidence to be successful in your new ECE or child care location.

Please share with us below any other grand opening strategies other tips that may have worked for you. We love hearing from you!

And here’s to expansion!

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