If you are a child care or preschool business owner who is ready to enroll more children than ever before, You need to join me on my 5-Day Crush Your Enrollment Challenge.

5 Days Could Change Your Child Care Business Forever!

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Are You Ready to Add 5 Figures of New Revenue to Your Child Care Business?

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Here's What to Expect During the Challenge:

A Full Week of Mentorship with Kris Murray Designed to Show You How to Add 5 Figures to Your Child Care Business when You Implement what You Learn During the 5-Day Challenge

Daily LIVE 1 -hour Training Sessions with Kris Murray Covering the 5 Pillars of Kris's Proven Child Care Success Method

Daily Assignments Designed to Baby-Step You Into Growth-Mode with Kris's Shortcuts to Success Worksheets, Templates, and Checklists

Access to a Special Private Facebook Group Exclusively for Challenge Participants Where ALL Challenge Videos, Assignments, and Communications Will Happen.

Guidance and Support to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone So You Can Break Free From What’s Holding You Back!

Support, Encouragement, and Advice from Other Child Care Leaders Around the Globe Who Have Also Stepped Up and Joined the Crush Your Fall Enrollment Challenge.

Access to Kris Murray's Team of 8 Expert Coaches & Faculty of the Child Care Success Academy - the World's Premier Child Care Business Coaching Program

The Chance to Win Great Prizes and Even Some Cold, Hard CASH by Completing "Homework" and Mini-Challenges During the 5-Day Crush Your Fall Enrollment Challenge

Why Should You Join This Challenge?

Discover Your Unique Value

You Need Help To Discover Your Program’s Unique Value And How To Effectively Communicate It!

Break Through Patterns

You're Ready To Break Through Your Negative Mindset Patterns That Are Holding You Back

Implement More Of Your Ideas

Your Brain Spins Out Of Control With Tons Of Ideas Yet You Struggle To Implement Them

Increase Your Rates

Increase Rates Without Any Complaints From Parents By Delivering Exactly What They Want

Grow Your Enrollment

You Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything To Grow Your Enrollment But You’re Still Just Breaking Even, Or Even Worse, Supporting Your Business With Personal Funds Each Month To Keep It Afloat​

Implement Your Big Vision

You Have A Big Vision For The Future Of Your Early Childhood Business It's Time To Get Clarity On Your Exact Next Steps

Build a Real Marketing Strategy

Develop a Better Strategy and Action Plan and Eliminate "Hope" as a Strategy Things Will Improve.

Get The Phone Ringing

You're Ready to Dramatically Increase Inquiries Into Your Program from Quality Prospects.

More Fun & Profits!

You Want To Increase Revenue & Profits And Have More Fun In Your Business!

Join the 5-Day Challenge Now!

It All Starts on August 3rd, so Don't Delay!

You'll Be on Your Way to Adding 5 Figures In Revenue to Your School for Just $17

Plus You'll Get 3 BONUS GIFTS Valued at $1,042

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Who is this Challenge For?

Owners of private preschools, many with multiple locations

Owners of Montessori and Reggio-inspired schools

Executive directors, directors, and marketing managers

Leaders of church-based and denominational early learning programs

Family child care owners who want to grow their enrollment or expand to a center-based program

Start-ups of early childhood centers

What People Say About Working With Kris Murray

“You Can’t Put a Price Tag On This.”

“Kris, I just want to say THANK YOU for your vision because your VISION is what keeps OUR VISION in front of us every day. You make yourself AVAILABLE to us for every problem that we may have as we’re trying…. as we’re sinking through the mud in our programs, and it’s PRICELESS! You can’t put a price tag on this. I’ve been involved in so many other coaching programs, and the head coach is not available. You’ve got to go through the bottom person, make an appointment 6 months down the line. You know, the whole gamut. But YOU and YOUR TEAM, genuinely from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART, I have to say 101 times over again, THANK YOU! Because you give me HOPE!”

– Marjorie Mallord, NY

“Just Six Months After I Joined, We Are 100% Full...”

“I had been in the business for 9 years. I thought I knew it all. I didn’t realize how much money I was leaving on the table until I met Kris. And somewhere along the way I had lost my “spark.” I wanted to join Kris’s program but I was extremely nervous about the investment. After talking with my sister, we realized we couldn’t afford NOT to join. And I’m so glad we did. I got fully re-ignited with my business after becoming a Success Academy member. Just six months after I joined, we are 100% full and have added substantial revenue to our program. We are also in the planning stages of opening a second site, which would have never been possible without Kris and her team.”

– Jolene Conigliaro, PA

“I Have Aqcuired an Existing School, My First 2 Schools Are At 100% Utilization...”

“I decided to join the Academy because I was feeling overwhelmed with the process. I feel like I have made so many improvements, not only to my business but also to my personal life. Before, I had difficulty managing my own time, as I was constantly getting pulled into situations and was unable to complete my tasks. I also had trouble appreciating my staff. Since joining the Academy, I have acquired an existing school, my first 2 schools are at 100% utilization, we have improved the employee culture, and also created a training program for our staff. The results have definitely helped us retain our best staff and improve our mindset.”

– Hemang Patel, MD

“Your Leadership and Thoughtfulness Are Shining Beacons Through These Times.”

“We really admire the work that you and your team are putting in to help child care providers. The love and support for everyone in the industry is evident, whether they are part of the Academy or not. While the details may be different over here, we are faced with similar challenges. Just knowing that we are not alone is, in a strange way, comforting, and perhaps more importantly, is experiencing how important taking a positive, optimistic perspective really is in responding to challenges. Your leadership and thoughtfulness are shining beacons through these times. You are a great role model for leadership…please know that we really appreciate you.”

– Gary & Laura Peirce, Isle of Man, UK

"Our Enrollment Has Improved From 60% to 85%!"

“Since we began our journey with Kris, our enrollment has improved from 60% to 85%. Our staff turnover has decreased from 160% to being on track this year to reach 50%. Parent satisfaction is up and churn is down. We have begun construction of a 3rd location opening in August 2018 and are currently working on a 4th. We have a goal of growing to 10 locations over the next 10 years. This was a goal that was inconceivable to us two years ago before we started participating in the Childcare Success Academy. However, it is a goal that we now have no doubt we can accomplish. Our mindset has shifted from what we could be, to what we can be, to what we will be. And now, we have the operational tools, marketing strategies, vision and enthusiasm to back it up!”

– Melissa & Geren Anderson, TX

“They Motivate and Inspire Me to Do More.”

“Through my relationship with Kris Murray and team, I have learned about the importance of having processes in place, managing data and TRACKING. I’ve learned how critical it is to KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. I’ve learned the importance of having parent reviews in place, surveying your parents on a regular basis, surveying your staff members, following up on things I’ve promised, and having open conversations with staff and parents. I am also working on improving our New Employee Traning, Onboarding & Retaining processes, which is highly needed… All this thanks to my participation in the Child Care Success Academy and having access to Kris and her team and their expertise. They motivate and inspire me to do more.”

– Karina Wyllie, NY

When You Join the Challenge,

You'll Get 3 Amazing Bonus Gifts Valued at $1,042

01 - Tour Secrets-min

Secrets of Tours that Convert: 6 Tour Mistakes Keeping Your From Maximizing Enrollment:

Secrets of Tours That Actually Convert! Kris Murray has specifically created this 6-part training workshop for early childhood businesses that are looking to maximize their enrollment!

Discover proven strategies that you can start implementing in your tours TODAY that will increase your tour conversion rate and maximize your enrollment like never before.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an instant access to the video and guided workbook!

A $250 Value

Yours FREE when you join the CHALLEGE!

Lead Gen Swipe filer Sales Page1

The Ultimate Promotion and Lead Generation Swipe File

The UPLG Swipe File includes tons of valuable ways to promote your business and build your list. Our printable PDF is a hands-on guide to help improve your marketing skills by giving you tips and tricks you can implement right away. We have included monthly themes to base your social media ads around, unique and fun enrollment producing promotional event ideas, Flyer examples, and tips on making eye-catching graphics that will get your business noticed. On top of that, you will find actual ad’s used by members of the Child Care Success Academy you can model!

A $495 Value

Yours FREE when you join the CHALLEGE!

Social Media Guide BONUS

The Social Media Success Guide for Child Care Rockstars

If you’re serious about upleveling your child care business, then it’s time to uplevel your social media game. This guide is designed to help you train your social media manager to be a social media rockstar, making your school stand out from the rest and crush your competition online. This guide provides you with a comprehensive checklist that walks you through how to create a winning social media style guide, an up-to-date social media image size cheat sheet, and a list of 49 things that are perfect for sharing on social media. You will see amazing results when you implement these tools!

A $297 Value

Yours FREE when you join the CHALLEGE!

Join the 5-Day Challenge Now!

It All Starts on August 3rd, so Don't Delay!

You'll Be on Your Way to Adding 5 Figures In Revenue to Your School for Just $17

Plus You'll Get 3 BONUS GIFTS Valued at $1,042

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Here's a Few of Our Client Success Stories !

Our Clients Get Results - You Can Too!

The Child Care Business Owners That We Work With Have A Lot To Say!

By far in 20 years of business this is the best decision I ever made to join the childcare success academy. Kris is… Posted by Joy Clore Willis on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Fantastic and invaluable Child Care Business resources to build a rock solid Child Care Business of your own. Amazing…

Posted by Erbdc Directors on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kris helped my business Double my enrolment. She is the world leader in Child Care marketing and has helped me change my business. No one compares to her.

Posted by Andrew Riley on Monday, February 4, 2019

It is so refreshing to learn from someone who actually understands the business and 100% passionate about helping you…

Posted by Sara Schreiner on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finally! A person who threw out a life line or tow rope to childcare owners and directors!

Posted by Brenda Moore Fritz on Sunday, November 4, 2018

The wealth of experience from this team and others in the group is invaluable!!! I’m looking forward to see where we go…and grow….together!!!

Posted by Charles de Vega on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Join the 5-Day Challenge Now!

It All Starts on August 3rd, so Don't Delay!

You'll Be on Your Way to Adding 5 Figures In Revenue to Your School for Just $17

Plus You'll Get 3 BONUS GIFTS Valued at $1,042

Don't Delay! We're Closing the Doors in...