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Upgrade To VIP Now and Get Access to $1,588 In Bonuses

The Ultimate Promotion and Lead Generation Swipe File​

Every successful business owner needs handy marketing offers and promotions that work – which you can literally plug into your child care center’s marketing calendar with ease.

These promotions and offers are proven, simple, and effective.

You’ll get a hands-on guide as a printable PDF with tips and tricks to implement right away! It’s a “swipe file in a box” to use as a resource, any time you want to plan a new promotion or community event or theme.

A $397 Value

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Secrets of Tours That Convert: 6 Tour Mistakes Keeping You From Maximizing Enrollment

Join Kris Murray as she reveals the top 6 tour secrets, that when easily implemented, are proven to double or triple your tour conversion! In this one-hour training session and guided workbook, you’ll discover:

  • The secret magic of the 5 senses and how you can deliver a “WOW” experience for parents in the first two minutes of meeting them
  • The importance of your curb appeal, and how to assess it
  • How to use a Parent Questionnaire to discover your prospects’ HOT BUTTONS and fold those into your tour
  • How to get comfortable “closing” your tours with inviting language that doesn’t feel sales-y
  • And much more!

A $197 Value

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Get Out of Overwhelm! 60-Minute Recorded Webinar Replay

Eliminate. Delegate. Automate. These are your three choices when faced with too much to do, and too little time. Early learning business expert Kris Murray will walk you through her step-by-step roadmap for how to tackle your to-do list, while reducing stress and overwhelm in your life as a school director or owner. 

You’ll learn how to approach your business with a “systems mindset” and how to be a more productive leader in any ECE environment.

In this session you will learn: 3 tips to become a better delegator, 3 ways to be more productive every day, 5 ideas for reducing interruptions and managing your time better, tools for documenting core processes and much more!

A $397 Value

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Complimentary 45-Minute Strategy Session

Our caring and knowledgeable success coaches are standing by to help you solve the painful and difficult parts of your preschool business. Whether you need help in enrollment-building, cash flow, finding quality staff, delegation, or growth strategies, we can help. 

This strategy session is designed to help you map out the path that will help you reach your goals and make life easier.

We will spend a full 45 minutes in a truly personal conversation designed to identify the gaps in how you run your early childhood business, and give you strategies and ideas to solve your issues.

A $597 Value

Yours FREE when you join VIP!

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