7 Things to Keep Doing In Your School After the COVID-19 Crisis Has Passed

We have learned a lot during the past few months. We’ve implemented new ideas, policies, and procedures left and right BECAUSE WE HAD TO in order to survive.

  • We’ve learned new laws – which seem to be thrown at us almost daily.

  • We’ve adjusted our health policies, building admission policies, employee sick time policies, etc to be in accordance with new guidelines and rules handed down from the CDC and other governmental authorities.

  • We’ve appealed to governing boards or school districts for permission to stay open. And even though some programs have been allowed to operate, we are still doing it at a slight loss.
  • We’ve applied for grants and loans offered by the SBA, found ways to reduce our costs, negotiated with landlords, creditors, utilities, and vendors to defer payments.

  • We’ve navigated unemployment and laid off beloved team members for the first time ever OR opted to keep them fully employed during this thing with no idea how to cover the expense.

  • We’ve trepidatiously dipped our toes into providing online learning and connecting time with our families.


We, as child care professionals, were already some of the MOST FLEXIBLE people on the planet. But we had no idea how far we could stretch, how good we were at thinking outside the box, how masterful we were at ADJUSTING.

If this situation has been a test of our strength and fortitude, I think we passed. What I am seeing you all do is AMAZING. Absolutely amazing.

And to be honest, there are several things that we started doing to get through this crisis that we need to KEEP DOING after it has passed. They are just plain old good ideas. They build connections, trust, goodwill, and we should find a way to make them part of “business as usual” when things finally get back to normal.

1. Stay Active on Social

With so many families staying at home, we’ve had to get creative to stay connected with them. Centers are getting on Facebook Live – reading stories, conducting circle times, having dance parties, doing craft time, cooking instruction, and so much more. Teachers are getting out of their comfort zones to go live! KEEP THAT UP!! Now that your team has gotten over their cold feet, get them on camera more often! What a way to provide value to the community, demonstrate the quality of the care and education you provide, help prospective families get to know your team, etc. That is marketing gold! 

2. Over-communicating

 Since we are not seeing our families on a daily basis right now, we are forced to send more emails, messages in our parent app, go live on Facebook, make more phone calls, and some are even doing quick home visits – personally delivering a pack of learning goodies. WOW! Did you even know you were capable of so much communication? Regular and consistent communication is one of the BEST WAYS to build your loyalty fence and retain families longer. And it doesn’t always have to be “official news.” Consider these ideas/methods: weekly email, parent app messages, send photos, happy phone calls to parents (about something cute their kid did), monthly newsletters & blog posts that feature families and team members, share testimonials, bring back events when it’s safe, and more.

3. Spread Goodwill

I’ve seen centers volunteering to provide meals to families, sew masks, partner with other area businesses to provide services to the community, work with schools and hospitals to provide emergency care to those on the frontline, and more. CONTINUE DOING THIS! The more you get involved in community give-back programs, provide free online learning (Facebook storytimes), and partner with others in your area, the more it will come back to you. Give of yourselves for the sake of being of service to others, and they will remember you, I promise.

4. Virtual Meetings with Team and Clients

Since we are so used to seeing each other face to face at work, we don’t always see the need for virtual meetings, but now that at least some of our team and many of our parents are at home, virtual meetings have become a “must.” Why not keep this option open? It’d be a great way to do a first interview (rather than a phone interview), do a parent-teacher conference (if a parent has trouble getting away from work or if one parent travels), or catch up on one-on-ones with your team. 

5. Be Vigilant about Cleanliness & Sanitizing

Ok, this we were already pretty good at – but with the focus being on health right now, the world has increased awareness about cleanliness and sanitizing. Keep your standards up, and market them often.

6. Stick to Your Wellness Policies

It’s been the complaint of so many child care providers over the years – the parent that keeps bringing the kid with the hacking cough, or who dosed their toddler with Tylenol before dropping them off. This Corona situation has brought the importance of keeping sick kids at home to the forefront. Take advantage of it and enforce your wellness policies. No need to be wishy-washy anymore. With this crisis in the back of everyone’s mind, parents will be more likely to understand and comply.

7. Virtual Tours & Online Enrollment Options

You should be doing this anyway. The world is online now. When people visit your website, make sure it’s easy for them to really SEE your school. Photos are ok, but video is better. Find a company that can take 360 photos of your classrooms and get that online. OR do it yourself by taking a video of each classroom. Set up options online for parents to schedule tours, and download or complete enrollment forms. Automate what you can. If you don’t want these forms or options on your website for the general public, set them up on a hidden landing page that you can send to families after talking with them. It will save you time and add a convenience factor for your families.

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