A Dream of 10 Schools and a Cabin in the Woods with Chantel & Zack Pettengill

This week I am joined by Chantel and Zack Pettengill; a husband-wife duo that owns the Pettengill Academy in Maine.  They placed second in our Child Care Rockstar 2020 contest and have managed to keep their center nearly full during the pandemic. We talk about overcoming the pitfalls they’ve had from licensing, parents, social media, and more that almost shut their doors.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris shares some personal goals for 2021 and encourages you to set yours.

  • Some of the things that set Pettengill Academy apart include being Certified Eco-Healthy (pre-COVID-19), fresh foods, an education background, and a natural-based playground.

  • Chantel has been working in daycare for 20 years; starting with 10 kids in a basement to a 10,000 sq. foot facility with 144 capacity.

  • Fun fact about Chantel: She has a black belt in karate! Fun fact about Zack: He met Chantel in karate class.

  • Chantel talks about some initial problems she had with staff, parents, grandparents, licensing, turnover, and even child injuries reported, and what they learned from them.

  • In 2018 they started to turn things around when they developed a relationship with a new licensor and they met with Coach Brian.

  • Chantel and Zack share the way their systems and mindsets changed after meeting with the Child Care Success Academy and specific rewards they use for staff in their center.

  • Zack uses meditation, planners, and books to improve mindset.

  • So many of us have faced depression and difficult times during the pandemic; Kris talks with Chantel and Zack about the importance of community.

  • The biggest tips Chantel has for Marketing Enrollment are always paying attention to it, always advertising, and consistently following up. Personality is a big one as well as personalization, extra effort, and paying attention to the details.

  • A Child Care Rockstar to them means someone with perseverance, who can create a positive growth mindset in a tenacious and enthusiastic way.

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