A Growth Mindset in Action with Shana del Castillo

Kris is joined this week by the incredible and accomplished Shana del Castillo, owner of a Growing Room Learning Center. Shana has two large locations with about 200 kids at each school and is dedicated to maintaining a high culture and leadership team that is engaged and on fire. Shana shares some tips for success in hiring the right people and keeping them, marketing to make your brand stick out, and getting in the right mindset to help yourself and support your team around you. Shana talks about overcoming challenges by pouring time and energy into herself, and she gives some great resources for other books and podcasts that have been super valuable to her professional and personal growth.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [9:09] Growing Room is a small franchise, and Shana has been there for seven years and counting

  • [9:38] Shana is a single mom and very busy with three teenage daughters! Soon, there will also be a cute puppy added to the mix.

  • [13:12] Shana talks about best practices in a hiring process that helps others stay passionate about their training and better define their goals and dreams.

  • [15:41] Shana’s team maintains a super high level of culture, so what makes it so good? Shana said a few of the things her team appreciates most is a quarterly bonus, competitive pay, and regular staff appreciation.

  • [25:55] Shana is also a pediatric sleep coach and has worked with parents all around the world.

  • [26:30] Shana talks about pouring a lot of time and energy into her self-growth and how it has all paid off. She also attributes part of her success to coaches.

  • [31:23] If teachers are excited about what’s going on outside the classroom, they’re going to bring that energy right back into the classroom.

  • [35:26] You’ve gotta keep yourself strong, healthy, and in a positive place if you’re going to be a good parent, business owner, or even just a good friend.

  • [36:03] A child care rockstar to Shana is someone who is on the cutting edge of always learning, growing with new ideas and situations, and looking for new resources.

  • [36:56] At the end of the day for Shana, it’s about consistency, servant leadership, and love.

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