A Harmonious and Playful Approach to Life with Kyle Brown

Get ready to get pumped up this week, as Kris introduces us to her good friend and personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur Kyle Brown. He talks about his journey into the fitness industry and how he got into his current mission of working with heart-centered entrepreneurs on their self-mastery in every way. He and Kris talk about the importance of fitness inside and outside the classroom, having a fitness mindset, and how we can start to make little changes that have big results. Kyle talks about what’s next for his business, his new book, and Rapid Harmony.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • What are some of the highlights of Kyle’s journey and how has it shifted over time?


    The importance of harmonizing the divine masculine and divine feminine within.

  • How the idea of Rapid Harmony came about.

  • Kyle talks about moving to Colorado and more about his personal life with his wife and kids.

  • Kyle reveals a fun fact about seeing the Grateful Dead at a concert that Kris just happened to be at too!

  • How does fitness contribute to one’s quality of life?

  • Self-confidence comes from really having a powerful mind inside of a healthy fit body.

  • When you are optimized, your brain is so fast that you think clearly and you think from a higher consciousness; a more elevated level.

  • How can we optimize and create more time to take care of ourselves while we’re doing other things?

  • How leaders can lead by example with their team that fitness is important and not just another task on their list. Meeting on the playground, anyone?

  • We can only hold space and have the capacity to hold space for others, for the level of which we have gone through ourselves. Kyle talks about how his missions and values translate into parenthood.

  • As a parent, you are a leader and you are leading your kids to the possibility of what their lives can be.

  • Kyle shares his favorite core value for his business.

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