A Huge Vision for Better Mental Health in Kids and Adults with Marissa and Sunflower from Little Luminaries

In this episode, Kris welcomes Marissa and Sunflower from Little Luminaries, two talented women partnering together to bring art, beauty, and mindset tools to empower children globally. They discuss how Little Luminaries aims to support children through self-celebration and resources for challenging conversations using their thoughtfully designed toys, decks, and other mindfulness creations. Marissa and Sunflower discuss their individual journeys and partnership in developing toys, curricula, and other products to support children’s mental wellness. They also explore how to apply non-violent communication practices in business relationships and classrooms. Additionally, they talk about how they maintain alignment as business partners living on different coasts through clear communication, sharing their passion for creating resources to positively impact children and the future.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [6:27] Marissa and Sunflower talk about creating Little Luminaries.

  • [7:18] Their shared passion for mental health.

  • [11:41] The process of getting the artwork and artistic components just right.

  • [12:05] How the animal affirmation cards work.

  • [13:00] Marissa is a new mom of two and a teacher, and Sunflower is a mental health and mindfulness coach in North Carolina.

  • [17:30] How Little Luminaries helps children with their own self-image and supports them in learning more about sustainability and how we can live in harmony with our environment.

  • [24:38] Other products in the Little Luminaries line include decals, posters, and a mythical creature mystery pack.

  • [30:00] How Little Luminaries helps cultivate self-love and the ways it ripples out to take care of our communities and planet.

  • [32:09] What is “nonviolent communication”?

  • [44:11] Marissa and Sunflower have learned to be rocks for each other, so they can navigate challenges and grow together.


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