A Joyful Journey In Child Care with Tamara Jefferson

This week, Kris welcomes Tamara Jefferson, Director of Joyful Tots Childcare and Learning Center in the Detroit area. Tamara talks about finding her vision and executing, now to have three centers that are full and on waitlist, even at the top of market pricing. Tamara talks about the lessons she has learned in expanding, some tangible resources that have helped her with funding, and the ways she supports her team through dream boarding and financial education programs. Tamara and Kris also discuss the importance of a world-class website that can work for you even when you’re sleeping. Tamara has a beautiful definition of what a childcare rockstar is, so make sure you stay tuned for the whole episode to hear.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [11:48] Tamara gives a history of the three centers, and how she learned to center herself around people who have a vision in moments when she couldn’t clearly see hers.

  • [23:23] Tamara talks about the resources and connections she has found since joining the Success Academy in May 2020. She is now up to the Empire level.

  • [25:23] Tamara sees challenges as learning opportunities.

  • [28:06] One of the true characteristics of servant leadership is making sure your people are okay first, and that they are supported fully before you worry about yourself.

  • [29:53] Tamara talks about two of the many ways she supports her staff: dream boarding so they dream big, and a home-buying program with financial education so they can actually attain those dreams.

  • [36:00] At Joyful, the children eat vegetarian and plant-based meals, and they learn the value of going to Farmer’s Markets and eating local seasonal produce.

  • [38:46] Tamara shares her plans for expansion and the funding that makes it possible.

  • [40:41] Don’t be afraid of taking on smart debt, but also make sure you know your numbers and are aware of all the details so you don’t get in over your head.

  • [43:46] Tamara wishes she had expanded sooner but was busy expanding the family in other ways!

  • [46:13] A true childcare rockstar is someone who has worked in a home or center, on the floor with the children. They are leaders of their space and they promote and encourage others. They are supportive of all children and have a deep passion for caring for all kids.

  • [48:30] Tamara and Kris discuss what they believe is the number-one asset of any business, especially a child care business. 

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