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Angela Gore

Academy Concierge

Angela Gore is a nurturing force at The Child Care Success Company, serving as an Academy Concierge. Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from CSU, Chico, Angela boasts a wealth of experience spanning across various age groups, from the tender years of infancy to the tumultuous times of high school.

Her journey towards fostering young minds commenced at a tender age herself. At 10, she initiated “Angela’s Activity Time,” a mini-business where she opened her doors to neighborhood children, offering story sessions, creative crafts, snacks, and boundless free play. This early entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for her lifelong passion for guiding and inspiring others.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Angela is a proud mother who has raised two remarkable children. Her offspring embody kindness, diligence, ambition, and an unwavering readiness to conquer the world, a testament to her guidance and devotion as a parent.

For Angela, being a beacon of positivity in others’ lives is an inherent calling. Her fulfillment springs from empowering individuals to realize their fullest potential. She thrives on forging deep, meaningful connections and believes in the power of attitude and effort as the cornerstones of life’s journey.

At the core of Angela’s contentment is her belief in the importance of her CCSC team, a group she reveres for their compassion, support, and shared passion for their work. Working alongside such caring individuals amplifies her gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

Amid her commitments, Angela cherishes moments with her family – her devoted husband and two now college-bound children. Together, they revel in exploring the world, with Hawaii holding a special place in their hearts as the site of cherished memories. Her love for dance, relaxation by the pool, and treasured gatherings with close friends further enrich her life, reflecting her vibrant spirit and warmth that endears her to all she encounters.

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