Asset Creation for Long Term Success

Kris Murray shares how the Child Care Success Company works with leaders all over the globe to help them create their road map for a lifetime of business success. She reflects on the last decade of growing the company and celebrates the success and the impact she’s made on the industry. She talks in detail about her proven process, “The Kris Murray Method,” and how you can model it in your own brand. Kris shares the assets you need to develop for best results in your own business growth, and the importance of using automation when you can. She even highlights some success stories of a few her Child Care Success Academy™ members thriving after employing the Kris Murray Method themselves.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • It’s important to set aside some time out of the busy schedule to spend with loved ones. These are the experiences that matter, no matter how big or small.
  • Using the method taught in the Child Care Success Academy™ can greatly help provide you a clear path and step by step instructions how to achieve your child care business goals.
  • The four components of the Child Care Success Method/Kris Murray Method are:
      • Mindset. Celebrate the wins, and share out loud about what’s going right in your business. Note your progress and write it down. Track your data and note improvement in numbers. Child Care Success Academy members greatly sharpen their winning mindset.
      • Full enrollment. When you have full enrollment, you are able to get out of survival mode and drive revenue back into the business.
      • Culture of Excellence. You gain freedom when you work with an incredible team of A-players that are all aligned with the values and vision of the company. This is where we also systematically automate the business so we are able to level up and the team is able to work on the business, not in it.
      • Building your Empire. This is the level of expansion, high-level freedom, and wealth planning. You work on building your empire long-term, and whatever type of legacy is important to you.

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