The #1 Opportunity in Marketing Everyone is Missing That Will Take You to the Next Level

When I first heard Kris Murray talk about building assets in your business, it made me HOORAH out loud. You see, before I started my first business, I made my way through university paying for books and tuition as an investor. A stock broker once said to me on the phone, “Wow, you’re trading short-term in-the-money options on highly volatile stocks… you’re insane.” When you’re young, your tolerance for risk seems to be infinite, so it took many years for a very important lesson to be hammered into me, from repeated huge wins and huge losses (ask me how I made 1.4 million dollars in a day, starting with just 4k and how I lost it not long after…). The key lesson I learned is understanding the true nature of an ASSET. Assets pay you day after day after day. You do the work once, you maintain it over time, and it’ll do the heavy lifting for you. When applied to a business, assets pay you back in time, energy, and actual dollars.