Master the Mundane

Many people know that my favorite book in the whole world (other than The Bible) is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. Every time I read it, which is well over 20 times, I can see the keys to my success written all over the pages. To me, it is like reading an auto-biography. The whole plot of the book is that your success (or failure) is hidden in your daily routine. What you do today will have either negative or positive consequences to you in the long term, if you repeat those behaviors daily. To succeed, you need to be able to master the mundane. What does that mean? It means you must do simple repetitive daily disciplines each and every day to form successful habits. They are very easy to do; the only problem is they are also easy not to do.


15 Ideas to Jump Start Your Child Care Blog

Blogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that you can use to promote your business and build trust with your prospects and customers. It can become a long-term business asset. When you blog, you are sharing your expertise in the child care field with the world, and over time this will allow you to establish yourself as an authority in the field while also building relationships with prospects. People will begin to look to you as a reliable source of information in the child care industry. Blogging is simple and easy to do. You just share information that is timely and relevant with your customers. It’s your direct communication channel and gives your company a voice. It creates a place to talk about new things happening in your school, relevant news topics, community news, and industry trends. You can really let people know what you’re all about through your blog.


9 Fun Ideas for Employee Recognition at your Center

Finding and keeping high quality staff for your child care center or preschool is top priority for most of our clients. Recognizing your team members for all their hard work is a great way to build morale and add to the positive culture of your work place. Consider creating an official employee recognition program and implementing some of these ideas. Usually, people shine when their efforts and accomplishments are noticed and shared with others.


16 Inexpensive Perks You Can Provide Your Teachers

Attracting and retaining high quality staff is a top priority for child care center owners and directors. It is challenging to find top notch people, so when you do find the perfect fit for your open position, you want to be sure you have an attractive employment offer for them, complete with employee benefits. Unfortunately, providing Employee Benefits is a sensitive topic for many child care centers. Budgets are tight, and owners think they “can’t afford” to offer a bunch of perks to their employees. While you might not be able to afford HEALTH INSURANCE for your staff, there ARE lots of things you CAN offer.


Creating Momentum for Child Care Business Growth

Momentum happens when an object in motion resists coming to a stop and is expressed in our high school science text books as “Velocity(Speed) x Mass.” Meaning, the greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop that object’s movement. Momentum, in simple terms, is a force unwilling to come to a halt. Can you imagine what your child care business would be like if it were rolling with positive momentum on a fast track to success? When your business has momentum, everything is moving forward, things are getting done, exciting things are happening, employees are contributing and productive, customers love you and you get to see RESULTS in your bottom line and in your life.


3 Steps to Getting More Done

Busy child care owners & directors sometimes feel like they are drowning in overwhelm. At times, it can seem like there is so much on your plate that you can’t possibly get it all done. But you HAVE to get it done, after all you have a huge responsibility to your staff, your families and the children. As an owner or director, you have to make sure your enrollment is up, you are fully staffed, comply with licensing and agency regulations, you and your staff are up to date on training, families are happy, staff is happy, weekly invoices are paid, paperwork is done for various agencies, proper records are kept, building maintenance is handled, program quality is high, accreditation standards are upheld, and much, much more.


Building a Positive and Professional Working Environment for Your Staff

I just got back from a cruise!! It was amazing! I was lucky enough to go on the Child Care Marketing Owners Mastermind at Sea last week, and I was so inspired by the level of sharing and participation from all of the owners and directors that attended. Probably 70 percent of what we covered and discussed had to do with our people, our staff, our teams. The owners on the cruise were very concerned with creating the best working environment possible for their staff, and that was so encouraging and inspiring to me.