Be The Change You Wish To See with Stephanie Parra

Kris welcomes Stephanie Parra, Executive Director of All In Education, a non-profit advocacy group for underserved communities and families, particularly the Latino communities. Stephanie talks about All In’s mission to focus on closing the performance gap of Latino students and the Latino community and how we can help parents be more confident partners in the education process alongside teachers. She and Kris talk about developing value-based leaders, why being a daring leader is important to shake up the status quo, and how early education leaders are the foundation of closing that gap for our children. Stephanie talks about some of the challenges she has overcome while building her team from scratch, and she shares some statistics about why the next generation of Latino students is so crucial to the success of Arizona and beyond.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [8:59] Education advocacy organization, All In Education, is proudly serving communities across the state of Arizona. Stephanie talks about how she got involved, and how All In was created to focus on closing the opportunity gaps that exist for Latino students in the state.

  • [10:28] Stephanie shares what it entails for educators who are working to close the opportunity gaps for student and what they have to really focus on closing the representation gaps. 

  • [12:00] Stephanie talks about her background as a first-generation American, coming from a Mexican immigrant family, with her father working in farm labor. Her education is in higher education, and while studying college students, she saw herself in the research.

  • [23:05] Stephanie talks about the Parent Educator Academy, and how this foundational leadership program builds bridges between the school and home.

  • [24:44] Stephanie shares how the Parent Educator Academy gets such high engagement and how it helps parents to understand the education system and support their kid. 

  • [33:28] Stephanie talks about a recent article she wrote on developing values-based and daring education leaders. 

  • [35:42] Daring leadership matters. The more we are willing to be bold, courageous, and daring, the more we can be fully connected to our community and get better outcomes for our kids.

  • [39:19] Stephanie and Kris discuss what early education leaders do to help support the underserved gap.

  • [43:59] Stephanie stresses the importance of understanding that early education is the foundation of helping the underserved communities thrive and gain equal footing.

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