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Ben Poswalk

Child Care Success Enrollment Specialist and Coach

Ben Poswalk, Child Care Maverick and Inspiration Catalyst!

Meet Ben Poswalk, the high-flying Enrollment Specialist and Coach at The Child Care Success Company. With a trailblazing background that reads like a blockbuster script, Ben is a force to be reckoned with.

Before he became a driving force behind CCSC’s success, Ben commanded the ship as the Executive Director of Paradise Place Preschool in the stunning landscapes of Crested Butte, Colorado. But his journey to greatness does not start or end there – prior to this leadership role, Ben was igniting passion and fostering growth as an elementary physical education guru. And let’s not forget his accolades – Ben was already a shining star within the CCSC community, clinching the prestigious title of Marketer of the Year (Child Care Rockstar) in 2016.

Now, as part of the CCSC dream team, Ben’s mission is crystal clear: to empower preschool owners and directors to revolutionize their environments and educational offerings for families. His mantra? Work on your business, not just in it! Ben firmly believes that this principle, championed within the CCSA, is the key to unlocking untold success for child care professionals everywhere.

But hold onto your hats, because Ben’s not just about business. Oh no, he’s a maestro of life outside the office too! Nestled in the breathtaking mountain paradise of Crested Butte, Colorado, Ben and his wife are busy raising a brood of seven adventurous kiddos. When they’re not busy conquering the child care world, you’ll find them soaking up every ounce of excitement Crested Butte has to offer – from outdoor concerts under the stars to culinary escapades that tantalize the taste buds, all while embarking on thrilling adventures with their beloved husky, Reposado. 

Join Ben on his quest to redefine the child care landscape and inspire greatness in every corner of the industry!

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