Best Practices for Successful Licensing Visits with Ronnae Williams

As a previous licensing consultant herself and now part of the Child Care Success team, Ronnae Williams has some great insight into how child care leaders can make the best of licensing. She shares practical tips to get organized and in a positive mindset, both of which will set up a good foundation for a visit from a licensing representative. Ronnae also has helped large chains and franchise organizations with everything including marketing to enrollment and stresses how not just knowing the rules, but really understanding them can make a world of a difference.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Ronnae started working for KinderCare and Kids R Kids but found her way into Licensing after helping in a multitude of positions and roles. The expertise of working with large chains and franchisees helped give her different perspectives on the industry.

  • One of the best practices for a successful licensing visit is clear communication and not just knowing the rule book, but understanding the information and general rules. If you have questions, Ronnae recommends emailing them so there is a saved thread of information.

  • A positive mindset before a licensing visit is crucial, so you aren’t stressed or nervous but instead assured and confident.

  • Organization is key! You can be the binder queen like Ronnae, or use electronic filings if your state allows it. The more you have the information easily accessible and organized, the more confident you will feel.

  • Two sets of fresh eyes on your building may be better than just one. That way, they may see things you aren’t able to.

  • A few of the areas where issues tend to pop up are supervision and ratio, the playground, and medicine.

  • We assume that parents understand quality, and it’s our job to really step up and educate parents on what they should look for throughout their journey of finding the right school for them.

  • To Ronnae, a rockstar is someone who sets goals with passion and focus, and then continues to hit those goals and exceed even their own expectations.

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