The Art of Delegation ~ Your Ultimate Tool For Success

Delegation. We’ve all heard the word, and we all think we know what it means. Some of us even think we know how to do it. But do you really understand how to leverage this amazing tool to achieve your goals in your child care center? I bet most of you understand the “idea” of delegation. In its simplest form, it is assigning tasks to other people. But what I want you to understand is the “reality” of delegation. Understanding your unique talents and using those talents to achieve greatness.


The Power of Innovation & Collaboration – Marnie Forestieri

My guest today is an early childhood business powerhouse, whom I have yet to meet in person but who has inspired me and many others in the field. Marnie Forestieri is Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder at Amazing Explorers Academy in Florida, which she helped build from the ground up and now has two busy and thriving locations. She tells us about her journey, how STEM folds into her mission of innovation and problem-solving in early childhood, and the group approach and empowerment process of hiring new teachers, all the way up to the onboarding process. Marnie brought her professional expertise outside of early childhood and embraced it to start her own game and ultimately change some of the rules. I love how Marnie promotes from within and helps groom her own for more leadership and success.


9 Fun Ideas for Employee Recognition at your Center

Finding and keeping high quality staff for your child care center or preschool is top priority for most of our clients. Recognizing your team members for all their hard work is a great way to build morale and add to the positive culture of your work place. Consider creating an official employee recognition program and implementing some of these ideas. Usually, people shine when their efforts and accomplishments are noticed and shared with others.


Complexity, Technology, and Competitive Advantage in Early Learning – Evan Goldman

Our episode this week is chock full of industry insights, innovative ideas, and nuggets of wisdom that you can plug right into your child care or preschool business! We are joined by the amazing Evan Goldman from Early Education Group. Evan is a true veteran in the industry and his take on the growth and change in the landscape is truly inspiring. He shares his family’s impressive background in high-quality early education and then he and Kris do a deep dive on several topics related to the business of early learning. Tune in to hear Evan’s advice on how to find your unique messaging in such a competitive field, an insider view on how funding and regulations could be improved and what a true rock star is to him. We think Evan is a rock star himself, and maybe we’ll even have him as a return guest one day as he and Kris hike up Machu Picchu!


Leading the Future Leaders – Donna Jensen

In today’s episode we are joined by child care rockstar Donna Jensen, owner of the Learning Station. Donna’s passion for creating an enriching, safe, and supportive environment is inspiring and the reason why she is always full with a long waiting list of potential families. We hear Donna’s background from working at a local preschool to owning a franchise and ultimately leading to what has become the Learning Station. She and Kris also discuss why a large team works for her, the importance of lists and tracking data, and finding a great mentor. Finally, she shares resources that she loves and that are captivating enough to break her away a game of Candy Crush!


Raising the Level of Professionalism, Respect, and Hustle – Katie & Summer

This week’s episode features Child Care Rockstar Radio’s first guest interview — the awesome Summer Picha and Katie Wagoner, Peaceful Valley Montessori! Summer and Katie have been partners together for about eight years and have increased their business by 10x, going from a small but mighty 30-child Montessori to two school locations with almost 300 children. They represent the type of childcare rockstar that impact the community from a place of authentic education and intent and are proof positive that you can manifest your dreams. We hear how they went from teachers themselves to business owners, their mission to impact children, families, and teachers and what the future holds for more growth and expansion.


The Beauty of Persistence

Welcome to our very first episode of Childcare Rockstar Radio! Your host is Kris Murray, President of Child Care Marketing Solutions and founder and leader of the Childcare Success Academy. The Academy is the world’s largest and most comprehensive business coaching program for early childhood entrepreneurs and leaders. We kick off the first episode and lay a foundation to talk about the importance of persistence in both professional and personal paths to success. Each week we invite you to join us for an interview with child care leaders and experts that inspire us and shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes in our community. We will be featuring practitioners, owners, and directors, those who provide cutting edge tools and services to our industry and innovators. We are so happy you are joining us on Episode 1 and welcome your personal stories of a time that you persisted against all odds!


16 Inexpensive Perks You Can Provide Your Teachers

Attracting and retaining high quality staff is a top priority for child care center owners and directors. It is challenging to find top notch people, so when you do find the perfect fit for your open position, you want to be sure you have an attractive employment offer for them, complete with employee benefits. Unfortunately, providing Employee Benefits is a sensitive topic for many child care centers. Budgets are tight, and owners think they “can’t afford” to offer a bunch of perks to their employees. While you might not be able to afford HEALTH INSURANCE for your staff, there ARE lots of things you CAN offer.


8 Essential Steps to Starting a Child Care Center or Preschool

As a leading expert in the business of child care, I often get asked about the key steps one should follow when deciding to open an early learning center or preschool. While there are many small pieces of a vast puzzle that need to fit together to start a successful child care business, here are 8 essential steps that I guide my clients to follow, whether it’s their first school or their fifth location.

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Grow Your Enrollment by Building Your House List

One of the very first things I did when I started my business was to start building my house list. Now, my house list has over 12,000 people on it. It’s been an extremely important asset in growing my business. You might be wondering, what’s a “house list”? Simply, it’s a database of prospects, current clients, and past clients that have contacted you in some way, usually by completing a form on your website, because they are interested in learning more about you and what you do. The more information on your list, the better, but the 2 basic information points are name and email address of the prospect or client. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to market your business to people that are interested in the services that you have to offer.