Bringing High Quality Care to Our Inner Cities with Jamarrion Tabor

In this new episode, I am joined by Jamarrion Tabor of Madalyn’s House Childcare in Georgia. I couldn’t think of a more heartfelt, fun, and creative thinker to speak to than Jamarrion. She is bringing her vision of high-quality early child care and education to inner-city, minority, and underserved children, as well as single parents. She tells us about her background in the inner city, her approach to pampering and appreciating her teachers, her financial growth, and her fast journey to becoming an Empire Level member of The Child Care Success Academy. Enjoy and Happy New Year, everyone!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [1:19] Kris gives an update on how her first challenge of year is going, 6 Figures in 7 Days Challenge: From Fear to Financial Freedom, and shares some of the amazing results that participating challengers are seeing.

  • [7:23] Jamarrion shares her background and how she got into the world of early childhood education.

  • [10:15] Jamarrion dives into what inspired her to transition from running a home-based learning program to opening a brick-and-mortar center.

  • [12:05] Kris asks Jamarrion to share how her enrollment has been affected throughout the pandemic.

  • [15:14] Jamarrion shares a fun fact about herself. 

  • [16:27] Jamarrion shares the tactics she uses to keep her staff motivated, increase staff retention, and improve her hiring process. 

  • [24:50] Jamarrion shares her passion and her “why” behind the work that she does each day.

  • [34:26] Kris and Jamarrion discuss how being a part of the Child Care Success Academy has helped her throughout her journey, and specially how Coach Tameenah Adams has helped her. 

  • [38:34] Kris and Jamarrion discuss the importance of maintaining a good credit score and knowing your financials. 

  • [44:02] Jamarrion shares her definition of a Child Care Rockstar. 

  • [46:10] Jamarrion shares some of her most loved resources that has helped her grow into the owner and leader that she is today. 

  • [49:06] Jamarrion provides some specific insight on the growth that she has experienced since joining the Child Care Success Academy

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