Getting to Know Judy Bradby, Child Care Rockstar Winner 2019

This week, Kris is thrilled to chat with Judy Bradby, winner of the 2019 Child Care Rockstar Award. As a Pediatric Nurse with over 30 years of experience, Judy saw a need for a place for children who had no other place to go to learn and grow. She opened up LeaRN Lily Child Development Center and through much trial and error and overcoming adversity, now has tripled her enrollment in just 8 months. Judy talks about her nursing background, her mission behind LeaRN Lily, the mistakes she learned along the way, and her vision for the future to provide medical daycare to children all across the country.


One Simple Change That Can Uplevel the Tours in Your School

One super important strategy to grow your enrollment long-term is to hire the ideal person for conducting tours of your facility. Persuading prospective new parents is a role that is often filled by the childcare center director or assistant director. But what if the strengths of these two top administrators do not lie in that arena? How can you still have amazing tours that create the rates of enrollment that you need to grow your program? There is a simple and strategically crucial answer:


Planning for Growth: 9 Success Secrets when Developing Early Childhood Learning Centers

Developing a learning center from scratch presents a dream scenario, enabling one to incorporate all their past experiences into a shiny new flagship location. But as a real estate project, it presents a unique set of challenges. Regardless of whether you’re working with a seasoned group like STNL Development or you’re tackling your first project on your own, there are a number of best practices that’ll help any project run more smoothly. We’ve presented nine of them below.

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