Why a Values-Based Approach is a Game Changer for Companies – Ann Rhoades

Ann Rhoades joins the show to discuss her extremely important and successful careers at Southwest Airlines and JetBlue, and shares more about the extraordinary service she and her team at Peopleink provide for leaders looking to shape and define their culture. A highly sought-after speaker and author behind the book Built on Values, she provides inspiration and strategic direction for many companies around the world. Ann talks about why core values are integral to the success of the culture, how we define and determine a great culture, interviewing tips for hiring players aligned with the company value systems, and the qualities of good leadership.


Bringing Positivity and Integrity into Child Care – Jen Slavin

Jennifer is the Vice President of Operations at Magic Memories Child Development Centers. She has been working with children and entrepreneurial since she started her own business at age 11, “Best Babysitter.” Today, she discusses her path from starting as Director to growing with the company in the now three locations. She and Kris talk about the importance of having a director that holds everything together like glue, hiring based on core values, how her strategy of onboarding evolved, and how they have developed their culture. Jennifer leads with positivity and connection and shares how she manages conflict resolution and tips on how to have hard conversations.


6 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Team Using Social Media

Great leaders know the key to creating a positive workplace culture is to build positive personal relationships with their staff. To do this, they will show interest in their team members personally, learn about their likes & dislikes, find ways for them to use their strengths on the job, and publicly recognize them for all their contributions. Featuring your staff members on social media (or in school newsletters) is a great way to build relationships with your team members AND boost the morale of the featured person(s) in the process.


A Roadmap to Creating a Culture of Excellence and Collaboration – Sindye Alexander

Do you have people that show up inspired by your vision? Questions to ask yourself as you build a business and a legacy that stands for excellence in the field. Kris welcomes the Director of Marketing and Child Care Extraordinaire Sindye Alexander, who started out as a client growing her center in Michigan. They talk about how Sindye started the business as a way to earn income while spending time with her kids, the impact culture has on both its own business and the community around it, and a peek into her brand new book Relationship Roadmap, chock full of strategies on how to create a culture of excellence.


Implementing the EOS Model with Heart — Stuart Robertson

Stuart Robertson is a brilliant yet heart-centered entrepreneur and business coach. Today, Stuart talks with Kris about forming his tech company at the age of 27, selling it in 2015 and his new path as an EOS Professional Implementer. He first had experience with EOS as a business owner before he made it his full-time passion. They talk about the EOS model and why it makes businesses more scalable, profitable and effective, the Six Components, case studies of clients he has helped and ideas for business owners to effectively solve critical issues.


Creating Montessori Centers of Excellence in London and Beyond — Arike Aiyetigbo

Arike Aiyetigbo, Founder and Director of Fountain Montessori Preschool, joins the show from her office and home of the school in London, England. Originally, from Nigeria, Arike is a passionate educator whose mission is to grow her influence by partnering with like-minded parents. She shares her journey how she got into the business of nurseries because as a mom she saw a gap in what she needed, how she has expanded and grown in the business over the past 11 years, and what she would do differently. Arike also speaks about her branding, the nursery and childcare market in the UK, and the shifts she has experienced as an owner to get her name out there in a bigger way.


5 Team Communication Apps Your Center Needs to Try Today

Working in the child care business means working in a very fast pace environment where information is constantly changing and misconstrued as it goes down the chain of command. This constant change of information makes communicating with your staff quickly get out of control, leaving you and your staff feeling unorganized and left out of the loop


Why Parents Leave Your Preschool (And What You Can Do About It)

Our mission at The Child Care Success Company is to positively impact one million children by transforming 5,000 early learning businesses. So, we teach our clients a lot about how to increase enrollment in your preschool ranging from how to market, how to answer the phone, how to build rapport, how to conduct an amazing tour, etc. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably mastered these skills by now. BAM!! Now you are an enrollment machine! (If you are new to us, check out our Enrollment Bootcamp Training Course for help with enrollment strategies!) After you enroll more and more children you should be set, right? You should eventually reach capacity. Your center should be full and you should have a waitlist, right? This would be the ideal situation, but it cannot happen if you have a constant revolving door of families. You have to continue strengthening your loyalty fence every day. You must consistently offer excellent customer service and quality child care to keep your clients feeling happy and connected to your preschool. You can’t just “rest easy” now that they’ve enrolled, or families will continue to sneak out the back door.


A Relentless Focus on Positive, Healthy Culture with Joe and Lucy Lawrence

Joe and Lucy, owners and founders of Little Sprouts in Wisconsin, have an intentionality in everything they do, whether it’s their international flavor, their passion for staying mindful for eco-consciousness, or how they develop their team to show consistent leadership and cohesive culture. They talk with Kris today about working together successfully as a married couple, challenges they have faced and overcome as entrepreneurs, and what’s next on the horizon for their team


8 Steps to Take to Empower Your Staff

The concept of empowering your employees is trending. It is a trend that should have started trending long ago. When done correctly your team can run like a well-oiled machine and free up a good amount of your time. Be careful though, sometimes the difference between empowering and dictating tasks you don’t want to do become a blurred line and your staff is left unmotivated and soon they begin a new job hunt. Here are some useful suggestions on how to empower not dictate.