How to Market an Awesome Summer Open House

Today I would like to share with you a conversation I had a while back with Kathleen Megahan, director of Christian Life Academy of Early Learning in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Together, we discussed the tactics Kathleen already had in place to market her school’s summer open house. I share some best practices she should put in place to make it the biggest, best event yet.


Tell Your Story, and Then Never Stop Telling It

In this inspirational episode, we hear from Kris’s very first client Alison Pfeister and her daughter Alexandra Kroon. Their school, the TLC Academy for Young Children in Hudson, Ohio is a family owned business, founded by Alison and her husband in 1989 after the birth of Alexandra, who now serves as the director. Alison shares the story of how TLC continues to be successful after many years, highlights of her journey as an early child care business owner, and provides resources and inspiration for building a culture of play, respect, and transparency.


Increase Child Care Enrollments with Your Phone Script

I am continuously am amazed by the awesome lifestyle Coach Jennifer Conner has created for herself from applying the lessons and tips she learned through joining the Child Care Success Academy™. In fact, Jennifer’s perseverance resulted in so much success that I knew if she shared her journey and strategy with other child care business owners that she could inspire them to take action and achieve the same phenomenal results. Through her renowned delegation skills, Jennifer has built such a strong staff culture in her two centers in Louisiana that she is now able to work remotely while she lives on the beach in Mexico. In 2017 I asked Jennifer to join my team of child care business coaches and I am thrilled for her to share one of the biggest reasons her centers stay full – her phone script! In today’s video, I would like to share Coach Jennifer’s 10 Minute Talk she presented at the Child Care Success Summit last year in Dallas. It will provide you with the tips you need to create a winning phone script to increase your enrollments.


Giving a Tour Parents Can’t Say No To

We spend a lot of time and effort getting the phones to ring at our school and getting families to come in to tour. That is why once we get those families in the door we owe it to ourselves to make sure they are provided with a WOW experience that makes them feel excited and eager by the end of the tour to register their child at your school. To create a WOW experience for families touring your school, there are five key phases of a tour that every school should make sure they have covered from start to finish of the tour. Once you put these tour best practices to use, you will be amazed to see how smoothly every tour goes, how much more confident you become when closing, and how many more enrollments you generate.


How to Create the Perfect Enrollment E-Packet

I don’t know about you, but my head is constantly spinning with fresh and unique ways to leverage and market my school as many potential families as I can. I know my school has a long list of unique features and benefits, but for a long time I couldn’t figure out how to organize them all to showcase them to leads. Way back when, we all used to focus on putting together a creative enrollment brochure but now in the digital age where people want information fast, owners need to shift their focus to putting together an awesome enrollment e-packet. For those of you that don’t know what an enrollment e-packet is, it is essentially the digital enrollment brochure of your dreams. It is longer in length than a brochure so it can contain limitless highlights, unique benefits and testimonials of your school. I could go on and on about the benefits of having an enrollment e-packet but I’ll highlight just a handful of them to help convince you why…


Social Proof is Everything In Child Care Marketing – Troy Howard

Troy Howard, the co-founder of the customer review and referrals system SoTellUs, joins the show to talk about his passion for combining technology and marketing and how it led him to become an entrepreneur and industry disruptor in the online review space. He and Kris talk about creating social proof, why reviews are so important to us in marketing, how to handle negative reviews and the most powerful elements inside a review.


5 Steps to Creating a Winning Follow Up System

In this article, I want to start off with an exercise that will get your brain thinking. First, think of your favorite place to go and think about why that is your favorite place. What pops into your head that gives you happy feelings when you think of this place? Now think back, have you ever had a bad experience at this place? What happened? Did you go back? That’s the key question! If you did, why did you give them another chance?


Kris Murray on The Preschool Podcast

In this week’s episode, we flip the podcast and replay the conversation Kris recently had with Ron Spreeuwenburg from The Preschool Podcast. They discuss why marketing strategies are important for child care, the change in the landscape of how people should market, and the two main buckets to be sure your strategy is covering. Kris also discusses how to build trust and rapport with potential and existing parents, and why it’s okay to show the whole world how cool and innovative your work is.


2 Must Have Strategies to Grow Your Enrollment

It’s that time of year again where gathering new enrollments and scheduling tours seems to be a struggle and you find yourself wondering what you could be doing better to increase them. My team and I have dedicated countless hours of research and implementation to discover what the best strategies are for enrollment-building and marketing your school. In the video below, I share with you what I have found and proven to be the two must have strategies you need to start implementing today to increase your enrollments.

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The #1 Opportunity in Marketing Everyone is Missing That Will Take You to the Next Level

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