The Fortune is in the Follow-Up with Chuck Gibbs

Kris is joined by very special guest, friend, skiing buddy, and founder of ChildCare CRM software, Chuck Gibbs. Kris and Chuck have much in common. They both started their businesses around early 2010 and are here eight years later, still great friends with a love for Colorado, working hand-in-hand on impacting the childcare industry and helping others toward their goals and dreams. In this episode, they do a deep dive on what you should be measuring in your business, some game-changing resources you can apply to your business, case studies and success stories on CRM, the specifics of how business owners can utilize ChildCare CRM to provide clarity around the enrollment funnel, as well as the use of automation so one can be enrolling people as they sleep or are on vacation!


The Secret to Enrollment

The Secret to Enrollment When I was asked to write a blog on enrollment I thought that it should be more of a novel. With so many different aspects to enrolling a family into your center i.e. getting their information, sending the e-packet, scheduling and rocking the tour and asking for the sale, where do you begin? So, I took a step back and thought about myself as a parent when I enrolled my son into preschool. Many of these important aspects of marketing and enrollment were not used (at the center I now run and currently use), so why did I choose this school for my son? As Kris has said, simply put, child care programs are in the TRUST business. Parents are looking for a place where they can leave their child, many for the first time, knowing that they can TRUST the individuals caring for their child. I chose my center because I trusted them caring for my son. As in any relationship, trust must be earned, so how do we as child care center owners earn trust with someone who we have yet to meet?


15 Ideas to Jump Start Your Child Care Blog

Blogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools that you can use to promote your business and build trust with your prospects and customers. It can become a long-term business asset. When you blog, you are sharing your expertise in the child care field with the world, and over time this will allow you to establish yourself as an authority in the field while also building relationships with prospects. People will begin to look to you as a reliable source of information in the child care industry. Blogging is simple and easy to do. You just share information that is timely and relevant with your customers. It’s your direct communication channel and gives your company a voice. It creates a place to talk about new things happening in your school, relevant news topics, community news, and industry trends. You can really let people know what you’re all about through your blog.


8 Essential Steps to Starting a Child Care Center or Preschool

As a leading expert in the business of child care, I often get asked about the key steps one should follow when deciding to open an early learning center or preschool. While there are many small pieces of a vast puzzle that need to fit together to start a successful child care business, here are 8 essential steps that I guide my clients to follow, whether it’s their first school or their fifth location.


Grow Your Enrollment by Building Your House List

One of the very first things I did when I started my business was to start building my house list. Now, my house list has over 12,000 people on it. It’s been an extremely important asset in growing my business. You might be wondering, what’s a “house list”? Simply, it’s a database of prospects, current clients, and past clients that have contacted you in some way, usually by completing a form on your website, because they are interested in learning more about you and what you do. The more information on your list, the better, but the 2 basic information points are name and email address of the prospect or client. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to market your business to people that are interested in the services that you have to offer.


Creating Momentum for Child Care Business Growth

Momentum happens when an object in motion resists coming to a stop and is expressed in our high school science text books as “Velocity(Speed) x Mass.” Meaning, the greater the momentum, the harder it is to stop that object’s movement. Momentum, in simple terms, is a force unwilling to come to a halt. Can you imagine what your child care business would be like if it were rolling with positive momentum on a fast track to success? When your business has momentum, everything is moving forward, things are getting done, exciting things are happening, employees are contributing and productive, customers love you and you get to see RESULTS in your bottom line and in your life.


You’re in the TRUST Business

You may think you’re in the business of child care or early learning. And while that’s technically true, there’s a much more important element that drives the success of your business, more than anything else. It’s the element of TRUST. Think about it from the parent’s perspective. In order for them to enroll their child with you (who is the most precious yet defenseless person in their world), they must have a basis of trust with you as the leader or owner of the business. They must see, feel, and hear great things about you. It helps if they can quickly form a trusting bond with their child’s new teacher. It really helps if they hear great things about you in the community, especially from people they trust.


3 Must-Do’s for Filling Your New Location

Opening a new child care location? Do you have the “opening a new school” deer in the headlight look? You are 6 months out from opening your doors and you want all the right marketing pieces to open as full as possible. These tips can get you full upon opening… even with a waiting list!