It is time to RSVP for the first ever Virtual Academy Mastermind Meeting!

Please fill out the fields below to RSVP yourself and your guest(s) that you would also like to attend the meeting.

You may register up to 5 guests max, and those guests MUST currently be registered with us as one of your team members.

Meeting hours will differ from a live meeting, please see below for the [tentative] schedule:

  • Thursday, April 30th – Empire Only Day: 11 AM EST – 5 PM EST
  • Friday, May 1st – Empire, Freedom, and Team: 11 AM EST – 5 PM EST
    **** Fun Night/Content: 7 PM EST – 8 PM EST *****
  • Saturday, May 2nd – Empire, Freedom, and Team (Half-Day): 10 AM EST – 1 PM EST

**We will still provide separate Team/Director content on BOTH Friday and Saturday!