Our Team

Chantel Pettengill

Child Care Business Coach​

Chantel has been working with children since she was 13 either as a babysitter, child care worker, middle school math teacher, or athletic coach. She started her child care owners’ journey in 2012 as a home center, and quickly grew to a large center three years later. She now owns two large centers in Maine and works beside her husband as a full-time co-owner. Along with her teacher certifications, Chantel holds certifications in the Dream Manager Program and Mental Performance Mastery.

Chantel has many years of advocacy experience working with both local and state governments to help improve access to high-quality child care in her state, along with creating bills that will support child care providers. This year she worked on a bill that doubled monthly stipends for child care staff and moved forward with steps to pay subsidies based on a cost-of-care model instead of market rates. She has had a seat at the table on a variety of different government boards and committees including being the chair of the Maine Child Care Advisory Council. Along with her advocacy work, she has been working with New Mainers entering the child care workforce as teachers and owners.

Chantel joined the Academy in 2019 because, like many child care providers, she had struggled with transitioning from a teacher mindset to an owner mindset, and it was hurting her business. Chantel and her husband joined at the Growth level and moved up each level implementing the Asset Checklists until they made it to Empire. Chantel wants to make an impact on other child care providers who are going through similar struggles to those she went through and to help give them the tools to grow and expand while gaining freedom back in their lives. She also wants to help give providers a voice to advocate for our industry.

When Chantel is not working on her child care business and helping others, she is spending time with her husband Zack and two children, Evelyn and Sawyer, who all are very involved in the business. Chantel hopes to be able to pass down their schools as a legacy to Evelyn and Sawyer. She also spends time coaching travel softball and helping her athletes develop a strong mental mindset!

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