Choosing Broadway Over Mom’s Basement with Bari Baumgardner

I am thrilled to have Bari Baumgardner on the podcast to share her truly inspiring journey. Bari is the founder of SAGE Event Management; a boutique event production company best known for creating a purpose-driven payday for speakers, authors, and influencers with her “Sales IS Service” approach. If you’re ready to take your own personal leap, this episode will really resonate with you. Get ready to take some notes on Bari’s sales approach, enrollment theory, and her infectious belief in trusting in yourself.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [4:45] Highlights of Bari’s professional journey in event planning, including pivoting to a tech company during the pandemic, and how it parallels with Kris’ journey.

  • [14:55] Bari’s Broadway vs. Basement story; how she took a big leap at a critical time, said yes to herself, and moved to NYC. It ended up being the most important thing she’s ever done

  • [27:43] Bari shares tips and insights surrounding her enrollment theory, more on her mantra “Sales IS Service,” and digging into the hierarchy of objections.

  • [37:41] Bari and Kris talk about the importance of applying the “tell me more” approach when talking to families interested in your child care centers. and how to make it more about the connection than the “sale.”

  • [41:25] The hierarchy of enrollment is as important as the hierarchy of objections

  • [44:03] How the vibe and success of The Child Care Success Academy has changed since Kris laid out the Guiding Principles two years ago.

  • [45:45] What Bari has learned about successfully running a business with her spouse without it affecting her marriage; especially division of labor and asking for support, not permission.

  • [52:14] What Bari is watching and reading to stay inspired.

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