Creating a Culture Where Children Come First with Jennifer Vazquez

Jennifer Vazquez, the owner of A Sunny Start Preschool, joins the show today. She talks about the culture of caring, how she sets herself apart from the competition in her three full locations in the Miami area, how she attracts great employees and the marketing techniques that have helped grow her enrollment the most.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • A Sunny Start Preschool has three locations in Florida, with all three schools being full at capacity. Jennifer prides her entire team on offering a great experience that focuses on the child first.
  • Jennifer looks to hire great people and offers them further training, education, and support to grow both professionally and personally.
  • A Sunny Start stays top-of-mind with existing and potential clients through social media posts and monthly newsletters.
  • It is extremely valuable to have someone solely focused on maintaining great quality social media and SEO within the school. They can help administrative staff stay focused while making sure communication is consistent and engaging.
  • A child care leader must have a belief in the quality of their school and not have fear when it comes to marketing, hiring and increasing rates.
  • Jennifer was in the mortgage and investment industry prior to child care and learned about owning a preschool through a friend in her professional network. When the real estate market crashed she lost almost everything and knew she needed to make a change in order to provide for her family.
  • Jennifer’s advice for business owners that want to grow and expand: don’t give up, keep a positive mindset, and stay focused on your goals. The success story of A Sunny Start’s three locations didn’t happen overnight, and much of the success was due to the great experience of the families plus the consistent marketing and outreach.
  • Learning to understand people and see failure as an opportunity is a large part of having a positive and winning mindset. We all have our weak moments but we grow and succeed when we move forward and focus on the importance of relationships and open dialogue.
  • Jennifer defines a Child Care Rockstar as “anyone that has a passion for molding a child and impacting their life.”
  • Jennifer’s words of wisdom from her experience are, “Do your own research,” and “Join a group of others that have done before what you are trying to do.”

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