Creating a Win from The Great Resignation

The Child Care Success Summit 2021 in Las Vegas just wrapped up earlier this month, and there was so much love, support, and fun throughout those three days! On this week’s solo episode, Kris shares the three big takeaways that were shared during the Summit from leaders and keynote speakers Marshall Goldsmith, Stedman Graham, and Andre Norman. Kris also discusses The Great Resignation and how many people in almost every industry are leaving to find different work, and what we can learn from this shift as we continue to seek out A-players to join our teams. Kris dives deep into ways that you can keep your staff inspired all year long and why now is the time you should dare to be dangerous. 

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [2:51] The Great Resignation is a term reflective of the record number of people quitting their jobs and looking for something different. The pandemic resulted in many employees looking at what they value, and shifting their work to find something more meaningful, possibly with more benefits, better wages, or more freedom.

  • [3:03] Kris shares shocking statistics regarding how many people have left the workforce since the COVID pandemic began, which industries were the hardest hit from it, and what the top reasons were behind those people leaving their positions.

  • [6:11] Kris explains the mindset shift that workers are having across all industries as a result of the pandemic.

  • [6:43] Kris shares a feel-good reason why those working in the early child care industry are so unique.

  • [12:06] Kris provides a few questions for us to reflect on in the upcoming weeks as we continue to look for A-player talent to join our teams and work to keep our current staff happy.

  • [12:40] Kris shares the three biggest takeaways from the keynote speakers that spoke on stage during this year’s Child Care Success Summit; one from Marshall Goldsmith, one from Stedman Graham, and one from Andre Norman.

  • [20:01] Kris shoutouts and congratulates this year’s Child Care Rockstar that was awarded the prestigious honor on stage earlier this month in Las Vegas in front of the Summit audience.

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