Creating a World Worth Being In with Raj Jana

Kris welcomes Raj Jana, co-founder and CEO of the mental health app Liber8. Raj shares his entrepreneurial journey and how he created Liber8 to help people manage stress and mental health. He and Kris discuss their passion for entrepreneurship and using their gifts to help others. They talk about the importance of improving our world and mindfully creating a world worth living in through compassion and small acts of kindness. Raj highlights Liber8 programs, including emotional lab reports and group coaching cohorts, which help users better understand their triggers and find tailored tools for personal growth.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [6:18] Raj talks about Liber8 and his journey in entrepreneurship.

  • [8:30] How Raj finally got off the hamster wheel of healing to shift into real and inspired action.

  • [9:33] The start of Liber8.

  • [15:08] What Raj loves most about entrepreneurship.

  • [18:47] The impact that The 4-Hour Work Week had on Raj and Kris.

  • [21:16] Breakups can be emotional, but can also be a great time to rediscover yourself and peel back new, exciting layers.

  • [22:36] How Liber8 can help with burnout.

  • [28:05] What can someone expect when doing a session with Liber8?

  • [28:56] How we can “be the ripple.”

  • [36:05] The people who had an impact on Raj along his entrepreneurial journey.

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