Our NEW “Business 101” Training Will Help Your Teachers Align with Your Center’s Goals and Become Active Participants in Their Careers

NEW: Our First-Ever Training Program Designed 100% Specifically For Teachers to
Them Inside and Outside the Classroom

We’ve heard there has been an ever-growing need to make training resources for teachers so we listened! More than ever before, it is essential to the livelihood of child care businesses that teachers are given the tools they need to become empowered so they work in alignment with their school’s mission and goals.

When teachers become empowered, they transform into being actively engaged in their schools’ recruitment and retention goals, working to seek how they can provide the highest level of quality care to as many children as possible.

We know how hard teachers work and believe that it’s finally time that they have the training they deserve to not only own their roles but thrive in them. And because of this, we to be of service to as many teachers as we can, which is why we are making this training course completely free.

All owners that enroll will be given the option to add their teachers to their enrollment. All free enrollments are a 90-Day subscription. CCSA members receive access continuously access. 

Here’s What Teachers Will Learn During This 12-Module Course…

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    Module 1: Why Is Full Enrollment Good For Teachers?​
    We cover the necessity of full enrollment from a teacher’s perspective. We break down the WHY, HOW, and IMPACT of full enrollment and touch on understanding your school’s mission, developing your personal Why, and developing a strong enrollment funnel.
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    Module 2: Engaging with Prospective Parents During a Tour
    We dive deep into engaging with prospective parents on tours through hospitality, trust, and making a stellar first impression.
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    Module 3: Phone Skills for Teachers
    We break down why it’s important to answer the phone, who is going to answer it, how it should be answered, what you should say, and the real reason that phone skills are non-negotiable.
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    Module 4: Strategies for NEW Teachers: Gaining Confidence with Parents & Children
    You will learn how to gain confidence with parents and children as a new teacher by remembering your strengths, developing true empathy, and handling bumps or roadblocks.
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    Module 5: Building Relationships with Parents
    We dive into building relationships with families by understanding the Four R’s of customer connection and setting a foundation for healthy, supportive teacher/parent relationships.
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    Module 6: Having Hard Conversations with Parents
    It’s time to face the subject everyone shies away from–having tough conversations with parents! In this section, we cover 5 key steps in having difficult conversations with parents that will support a problem-solving approach rather than instigating further conflict.
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    Module 7: Keys to Great Customer Service
    Discover the 5 key points of customer service and break down the idea that happy parents are the key to a school’s success.
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    Module 8: Resiliency & Wellness for Teachers
    It’s time to talk about building a positive mindset! In the first video of this section, we talk about resiliency and wellness for teachers; including ways to develop a professional support system, tools for finding the good in everything, and knowing your triggers.
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    Module 9: Setting Goals for Professional and Personal Growth
    Get insight on goal-setting for personal and professional growth. We’ll discuss your vision and purpose, and look at where you are now in regard to health and wellness personally, financially, mentally, and in your relationships. We’ll learn how to set practical goals that we can actually reach.
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    Module 10: Promoting Collaboration with Your Teammates: Be Part of the Solution
    We cover promoting collaboration among your teammates by prioritizing relationship-building, turning adversity into success, and knowing when to ask for help.
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    Module 11: Leadership Traits for Teachers "Mad Skillz for Developing Leaders"
    In this section, we’ll discuss developing leaders in the classroom through consistency, focus, and leading by example.
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    Module 12: Mentoring and Coaching Others "Growing Relationships through Mentoring"
    Let’s talk about mentorship! In this section, we’ll challenge you to think about an amazing mentor you had and go through the skills needed for you to become that person for other teachers on your team.

All owners that enroll will be given the option to add their teachers to their enrollment. All free enrollments are a 90-Day subscription. CCSA members receive access continuously access. 

We Have Your Questions Covered…

Q. I am an owner (or executive director). Can I register and take this training as well?

A. YES. All owners, directors, and any other admin staff are welcome to sign up and participate in this training as well. While this training is designed for teachers, there is something for everyone in the industry to learn. 

Q. I am an owner (or executive director). How do I do I register my teachers for this training?

A. The first step to getting your teachers registered is by registering yourself! During your initial registration you will be asked if you would like to register any teachers as well. 

Once you register for the training and have access to it, at any time you may register additional teachers in the training directly – just look for the button inside of the course to do so. If having trouble location it, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@childcaresuccess.com.

Q. I am a teacher. Can I register myself for this training or do I need my owner (or executive director) to?

A. Yes, all teachers can register themselves for our Empowered Educators training. However, during your registration process, we do require that you provide us with your owners full name and email address. This is so we can let them know that you’ve registered for this course and so that we can get them access as well to check it out!

Q. What format is this training presented in?

A. This training is presented in a series of 12 on-demand videos, accompanied by their companion slide decks so you can follow along as you watch.

Q. How long do I have access to this training?

A. All users that register for the Empowered Educators Training will have 100% free access to it for 90 days beginning the day of their initial registration. After 90 days, access will be removed. 

All Child Care Success Academy members (including Team Track) and their registered teachers will have uninterrupted access to this training.

Q. Is this Empowered Educators Training really completely free of charge to register for?

A. YES! We are proud to offer our Empowered Educators Training course completely free of charge to everyone that registers. All registrants will receive free access to this course for 90 days.

Q. Will a certificate be provided at the end of this training?

A. Yes. Our Empowered Educators Training is divided into 4 modules and at the end of each module a training certificate will be provided. This training is approximately 6.5 hours. 

This “Business 101” training will help your teachers align with the goals of your center and become active participants in their own careers.

Because we know how vital it is for all teachers to have access to this training, we are proud to provide it completely free of charge to all that register for it.

All owners that enroll will be given the option to add their teachers to their enrollment. All free enrollments are a 90-Day subscription. CCSA members receive access continuously access.