Empowering Staff, Understanding Data, and Committing to Culture with Neydary Zambrano

Neydary Zambrano won Owner of the Year at the 2019 Child Care Success Summit, and this week she shares her wisdom on growing enrollment, marketing, staff happiness, and culture. Neydary talks about the metamorphosis her school, Magic Memories, has gone through in 2019, now with nine locations throughout Pennsylvania. She and Kris also talk about the responsibility that a true child care rockstar has, how ChildCareCRM has helped her track and understand data, and the importance of empowering directors and teachers.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Magic Memories started as one center with 65 children and now has nine locations throughout Pennsylvania with an enrollment of 570 and 140 staff members. They focus on learning through play and socialization.
  • Neydary has been in the field for 13 years and also has experience in management and social services. After her daughter had an allergic reaction due to a food allergy at school, Neydary was left yearning for a school with procedures and policies that got followed. This made her decide for her next career move to be in child care management.
  • The pieces fell in place for Neydary to purchase the centers, and their first focus has been the culture.
  • Neydary saw firsthand that when you treat your staff with love and respect, they will give you so much more than what you can ask for.
  • A few key tactics and tools that helped Neydary and Magic Memories greatly with their marketing was to never stop advertising, utilize Facebook, CRM, and Grow Your Center.
  • Growing as a leader has helped not only Neydary grow, but has also allowed her team to grow and expand with knowledge and confidence. 
  • Neydary defines a child care rockstar as a supporting caring leader who is willing to grow, and also go above and beyond to help others. This title is fulfilling but does come with the responsibility of making decisions for people outside yourself.

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