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The World’s #1 Training for Child Care Owners and Leaders Who Want to Get Fully Enrolled With a Proven, Easy 5-Step System!

This is a 5 week course with WEEKLY LIVE Q&A CALLS focused on how to apply basic marketing strategies and techniques to FILL ALL THE EMPTY SPACES in your preschool as things "get back to normal" after COVID-19 distancing, closures, shut-downs, and fear!

We Normally Sell This Live Course for $597!

Because We Want to Help You Get FULLY ENROLLED After COVID-19, We Are Offering it at the

Super Low Discounted Rate of Just $397

We Will Even Let You Break it Up Into 2 Payments of $219

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If you are facing any of these challenges…

Your center was NEARLY FULL before the COVID-19 Crisis hit, and now you aren’t really sure how to start over and REBUILD your school.

Your school has REMAINED OPEN to serve essential workers and their families, but your ENROLLMENT NUMBERS HAVE DROPPED significantly.

You sense that parents and staff are FEARFUL of returning to “normal” routines, and you want to help them see that your center is safe and following new health protocols.

You know you need to adjust your MARKETING MESSAGE, but you’re not sure what to say or how to say it.

You wonder how you are going to REFILL YOUR SCHOOL when your state opens back up.  

You feel like the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD is on your shoulders because the FUTURE OF YOUR BUSINESS is on the line if you can’t get more enrollments quickly.

You’ve been struggling to build your enrollment – even during “NORMAL” times – and you’re FRUSTRATED that nothing you try seems to be working. You’ve wasted good money on ads and marketing campaigns that don’t make your phone ring, and you don’t know what to do.

Your child care program used to be full but due to market forces, the pandemic, and fear, your enrollment is down dramatically. Whatever the reason, you’ve never had to “market” your program in the past – you stayed full through word of mouth and referrals.

You get calls from prospective parents, but they just want to know your RATES or talk about their Coronavirus FEARS, then never call back or take your tour. You hate feeling like a commodity, because you know you provide a quality program for children.

…then this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read with regard to the future of your early learning business. I know that’s a bold statement, but if you keep reading, I will prove to you how this letter could either make or break the success of your business.

The True Cost of
What You Are Leaving On The Table

If you are even JUST 10% under your maximum capacity... you are leaving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on the table each year.

And since COVID-19 has closed down much of the country and altered "Business as Usual," most centers are operating at only 25-45% of their former FTE!

Ouch. I’m not being mean or critical folks, it’s just numbers. And don’t worry, I’m not here to point fingers, I’m here with clear solutions.

But first, let’s do some math, just so you know where that number comes from!

I probably don’t have to tell you how much money you’re missing out on right now because of COVID-19.

You FEEL it! 

But the following scenario will help put things in perspective. Follow along with me…

Let’s say you’re charging $850 per month in tuition for a 3 year old. And you’ve got a total of just 10 spots OPEN in your preschool.

Take $850 and multiply it by 10 (children), which is $8500, then multiply that by 12 months.

$850/month x 10 open spots x 12 months = $102,000.

Yes, you’re MISSING OUT on $102,000 – the large majority of which would go RIGHT TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

Your 10-child gap, which doesn’t seem all that much, is truly costing you $102,000.00 per year in revenue.

You are likely missing out on 5 to 10 times that amount or more since COVID interrupted life as we know it.

In normal circumstances, what could you do with those funds? New playground? Outdoor classroom? Teacher raises or bonuses? A trip to Italy for you and your family? 

In mid and post COVID-19 circumstances, ENROLLMENT REVENUE could be the difference between shutting down OR surviving this downturn.

Dream about what you would do, then let’s GO GET THAT MONEY!

Imagine If..

You had a SYSTEM for making the PHONE RING

You had a SYSTEM for getting EMAIL INQUIRIES

You had a SYSTEM for getting more WALK-INS

You had a SYSTEM for getting your staff to answer the phone in a way that builds trust, obtains the parent’s contact info, and BOOKS THE TOUR – every time, consistently. 

You had a SYSTEM for doing a GREAT TOUR that will motivate parents to register on the spot. 

You had a SYSTEM for TRACKING YOUR LEADS so you can follow up often and well, in a way that parents welcome. 

You had a COMPLETE SYSTEM that GENERATED LEADS and converted those leads into full paying ENROLLMENTS, consistently, every single day.

If You Could Have All These Systems in Your Business Today...

Do you think that it would move the needle on your enrollment numbers?

Do you think that you could get to 100% full and have a Forever-Waiting-List?

And never have to worry about enrollment again?

IMAGINE: All of your classrooms are up and running, and full with children. 

Your phone rings 20 times a week with prospective parents, for each location you own. 

You are enrolling 50% or more of all your tours. 

Your wait list has dozens of children on it.

I know this is possible for you, because I’ve helped hundreds of owners and directors just like you get to this place. 

From over a decade in this industry, I have identified a CLEAR PATH to get YOU to FULL ENROLLMENT STATUS. Following this path will work for nearly ANYONE. But ONLY if you are willing to do the work.

We Normally Sell this Live Course for $597!

Because We Want to Help You Get FULLY ENROLLED After COVID-19, We Are Offering it at the

Super Low Discounted Rate of Just $397

We Will Even Let You Break it Up Into 2 Payments of $219

Plus, You'll Get a Package of BONUS Gifts Valued at $2,088

Real Results For People Just Like You

Over 1,500 Child Care Owners Have
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Allow Me to Introduce You To Your Forever Solution To Get To Maximum Capacity

Module 1:

How To Track Your Success

Module 2:

How To Double Your Parent Inquiries

Module 3:

How To Double Your Tours With A Winning Phone/Inquiry Process

Module 4:

How To Double Your Enrollments With Your Best Tour​

Module 5:

Staff and Family Retention​

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The Preschool Business Strategy Session with Coach Brian

Coach Brian on my team is an expert in our field, and he owns 5 locations with his wife Carol. He’s a master at seeing the “hidden blind spots” that will help you improve and grow your business. This strategy session is a game-changer. No obligation, just a way for us to keep helping you. 

A $597 Value

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The Ultimate Promotion and Lead Generation Swipe File

This printable PDF is a hands-on guide to help improve your marketing skills by giving you tips and tricks you can implement right away. We have included monthly themes to base your social media ads around, unique and fun enrollment producing promotional event ideas, Flyer examples, and tips on making eye-catching graphics that will get your business noticed. On top of that, you will find actual ads used by members of the Child Care Success Academy you can model!

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Hire Right Master Class

Are you ready to learn how to find and hire qualified teachers who are a great fit for your program? You’ll get access to this recorded two-hour online workshop designed to help you find and hire qualified teachers that are a great fit for your program, whenever you need to. The Hire Right Master Class will also help you discover how to make teachers notice you and WANT to work for your school. This workshop comes with tons of checklists, cheat sheets and other tools designed to kick start your hiring process.

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The Email Marketing Accelerator Pack - Everything You Need to Completely Makeover Your Drip Campaigns

You will learn WHY and HOW to automate, subject line secrets to get more of your emails opened, guidelines on the optimal frequency of follow up, and tips & techniques for building relationships with email. You’ll also get 15 email templates that you can swipe and deploy directly into your own drip campaigns. Just copy and paste, then edit to your liking….and Voila! You’re marketing like an expert!

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COVID-19 Thrive2

Brand New Bonus: How to Survive Then Thrive Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Join Kris Murray for a special 90-minute LIVE training addressing all aspects of coming back after COVID-19, cash flow and financial management, staffing issues and strategies, how to get employees to return off unemployment, building a positive school culture, your new health and safety policies, and more. The date and time of this call will be announced soon! You won’t want to miss out on this LIVE training. 

A $299 Value

Yours Free with EBC

We Normally Sell this Live Course for $597!

Because We Want to Help You Get FULLY ENROLLED After COVID-19, We Are Offering it at the

Super Low Discounted Rate of Just $397

We Will Even Let You Break it Up Into 2 Payments of $219

Plus, You'll Get a Package of BONUS Gifts Valued at $2,088

Here's What to Expect During Enrollment Boot Camp Live!

A Tiny Investment That Will Produce Thousands in Revenue

Earlier in this letter, we calculated the money you are missing out on, and figured out that just 10 open spaces in your school equates to somewhere in the ballpark of $102,000 in annual revenue.

So my question to you is, what are your enrollment goals for 2020 and for the long term? If I helped you get to your “forever wait list” and unlocked the secrets of full enrollment for you, what would it be worth to your program in terms of lifetime revenue?

Many trainers in other industries charge in the ballpark of $2,500 to $3,000 for this type of training…or more.
Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to charge anything CLOSE to $3,000 for this Boot Camp.

I want this training to be well within reach of literally EVERYONE who decides to join me for this transformational five weeks of training – child care center owners and family child care providers alike!

My Five-Week Intensive Enrollment Boot Camp LIVE is priced SUPER LOW right now. It’s just a tiny investment of $397. Plus, I’m making it super-affordable with an easy 2-pay option, too. My Promise: If you follow what I teach and do not get a 10-TIMES return on this tiny investment, I will refund you every penny. 

So you are guaranteed to grow your revenue by at least $3,970. And I know you will do much better than that if you implement the stuff you’re going to learn inside Boot Camp.

You are Backed by the Boldest Guarantee in the World!

You are protected by my famous “I Love This Training” Guarantee! I’m confident that when you join my Boot Camp, you’re going to get instant value, and be thrilled with your investment.  

Just to back that up, I’ll give you until the end of week two to REALLY decide if this Boot Camp is for you. If you decide it’s not everything you want and need to grow your child care program, just let me know within two weeks of your purchase date, and get a refund. 100%, no questions asked. You have my word.

PLUS…if you show that you implemented the core concepts in this course and did not at least 10-TIMES your investment by the end of the first year, in terms of increased revenue to your preschool, I will refund every penny you invested. Again, you have my promise.

We Normally Sell this Live Course for $597!

Because We Want to Help You Get FULLY ENROLLED After COVID-19, We Are Offering it at the

Super Low Discounted Rate of Just $397

We Will Even Let You Break it Up Into 2 Payments of $219

Plus, You'll Get a Package of BONUS Gifts Valued at $2,088