Experiences Over Environment: How Your School Vibe Impacts Quality & Culture with Lori Buxton

In today’s episode, I’m joined by the incredible Lori Buxton — the managing director of the Association for Early Learning Leaders. Lori has been involved in early care and education in many different facets since 1995, and she is just so passionate about what she does. Lori is a national speaker and training specialist who brings her leadership advice and enthusiasm to thousands. We talk about culture, taking ownership, trickle-down leadership, organizing your life and time, and how experience over environment is what makes a school special. She also gives us some amazing resources that will be useful for years to come. Lastly, remember there is just one more episode before we get to Episode 100 which will feature a very special, surprise guest!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [10:28] Lori shares the Reader’s Digest version of her background and journey through early education and getting to where she is now.

  • [12:47] Lori explains why she transitioned from being a center owner to working in the role she is in today.

  • [15:39] Lori gives us an inside look at her current home and personal life.

  • [17:38] Kris asks Lori to share some of the recent trends that she has seen this year in the ECE community due to the pandemic.

  • [24:54] Lori shares more about what her role entails at the Association for Early Learning Leaders and what her company does to support ECE leaders.

  • [29:45] Kris and Lori discuss what their personal leadership journeys have been like and some of the realizations and lessons they’ve learned along the way.

  • [35:23] Lori shares  what it means to take ownership of the culture that you set in your organization.

  • [40:41] Lori shares a leadership best practices that she regularly follows to sharpen her leadership saw.

  • [42:40] Kris asks Lori what the one thing is that she would do differently in her career if she had to do it over again.

  • [45:28] Lori shares her favorite resources – her favorite books, podcasts, and even her own webinar!

  • [51:18] Lori shares how you can find out more about AELL and their membership and how you can contact Lori directly.

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