Facing a Global Teacher Shortage: The Story from New Zealand

This week features Sue Kurtovich, all the way from New Zealand. Sue is a specialist in early childhood education (ECE) administration and management with over 30 years of sector experience. She shares her journey into Early Childhood, and how her extensive knowledge of the ECE regulatory environment helps others through her Early Childhood Management Consulting business. Sue talks about challenges in teacher staffing during the early years, her predictions for New Zealand’s regulations and teacher shortages in early childhood, and the qualities of generosity, kindness, and practicality that continue to serve her along the way.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [1:25] Sue walks us through her journey into Early Childhood and how she got interested in the business, regulation, and compliance side.

  • [5:44] How Sue got involved with the Early Childhood Council.

  • [7:00] What does Sue’s consulting company provide?

  • [13:36] Sue and Kris discuss what some of the biggest differences are in the culture of early childhood in New Zealand versus the U.S.

  • [17:00] What are some of the issues that face childcare providers right now?

  • [26:33] Kris asks Sue if she believes New Zealand will loosen the regulations in early childhood.

  • [30:54] What is the funding like for childcare in the community, and how can we do better.

  • [30:58] The importance of mentorship.

  • [41:02] One of Sue’s proudest moments was achieving a turnaround in the government policy back in the 2000s when the government wanted to discriminate against privately-owned services.

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