Family First with Steve Lloyd of Busy Little Hands Learning Center

Steve Lloyd, visionary and co-owner of Busy Little Hands Learning Center, is a model of growing by leaps and bounds when you apply the right mindset, practices, and leadership in your school. Steve talks with Kris about his unconventional journey into child care, and how he and his mother Jessica have morphed and expanded Busy Little Hands with the help of some amazing and highly engaged staff. It’s a deep dive into the culture, core values, service standards, employee retention, motivating millennials, healthy communication habits, and how to create a pleasurable atmosphere with everyone involved being empowered and accountable.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

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  • Busy Little Hands Learning Center in Centennial, CO has expanded to 131 kids and 33 team members.
  • Steve Lloyd is co-owner along with his mom Jessica and her sister back in 2008. Steve and his wife have three kids. Steve in his third year of Platinum membership of the Child Care Success Academy.
  • Steve’s brother Sam inspired him with his mission to make a difference in people’s lives, and make his work really matter. He started studying medicine and worked as an ambulance paramedic. After a few years when his mother Jessica offered him work running the school, he followed that calling and is grateful now for making the right choice. They knew that investing in themselves first was of utmost importance to running a good business, and attended the Child Care Summit.
  • Steve also spends time with adolescents, as a dedicated volunteer Scout Master.
  • Their five-year plan: to have three to five schools in the Denver area over the next several years and for his mother Jessica to retire.
  • Defining your “why” with core values helps employees understand and respect the decisions and actions asked of them.
  • The five core values of Busy Little Hands that they hire upon and live by every day: Family First, Fun, Respect, Integrity, Progressive.
  • Millennials are highly motivated by a sense of purpose, belonging and impact. The more they feel their work matters, the more invested they will be to live the core values of their school.
  • Core values define why you do what you do, but your service standards define how you do what you do.
  • Steve is very excited about Busy Little Hands service standards: Safety, Consistency and Reliability, Responsiveness, Friendliness.
  • Shaping your core values and service standards is a long-term process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and takes time for everyone to adapt and agree but it’s worth the work it takes to implement them.
  • Steve is shifting towards the idea of a weekly Zoom meeting with his staff and compensating them for a casual evening meeting where staff get to be home and in the comfort of their own home.
  • When your boss is also your mother, the bar for creating an environment of excellence is set even higher. Steve feels that despite the challenges that have popped up along the way, they have made him an even better leader and decision maker.
  • Steve defines a rock star as someone that knows their vision, and takes steps towards it every day.

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