Feeling Alive In Your Work With Vernon Mason

Kris welcomes back Vernon Mason to the show. Not only is he the first guest to return three times, but he is also a highly sought-after influential speaker and the Senior VP of Growth and Professional Development at the Nest Schools. Vernon and Kris discuss the importance of advocacy at a local and national level, building community, and the most important subject in child care right now — the staffing crisis. Vernon gives practical ways to attract and hire key talent that will stay, including benefits, building relationships, the right type of marketing, and an improved pay structure.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [9:04] Vernon holds the record for being the first guest to appear three times on the podcast

  • [10:01] Kris and Vernon go back into the vault for the 2021 Summit, and look ahead to what is next.

  • [11:55] You can not talk about the child care world today without talking about the staffing crisis we are currently under. That is trumping everything. Also, owners are in denial about this, and the work that it takes to get the staffing crisis under control.

  • [13:14] There is not an industry Vernon knows of that works any harder than the child care industry, yet few industries have the liabilities and staffing crises that early education does.

  • [14:22] Vernon shares the imperative double-sided reason for child care owners to get their staffing issues under control.

  • [15:49] Vernon and Kris discuss their thoughts on President Biden’s plan for universal preschool and well-funded child care.

  • [21:09] Vernon and Kris discuss why advocacy in the ECE industry is so important at local, regional, and state levels.

  • [26:05] Vernon and his team currently operate 29 schools, with four more on the way.

  • [33:12] Vernon shares some practical ways for leaders to be visible on social media and helping out with the community.

  • [40:26] Vernon shares the importance of targeting to the right type of new employees that you are looking. 

  • [47:01] Vernon shares why you must take care of your directors in order to have a successful child care business.

  • [47:16] Vernon and Kris reveal how long the training process of new hires should truly be.

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