Fitness, Fun, and a Fancy School Bus with Josh Visser

Today’s guest is Josh Visser, a proponent of education and play within an active learning environment. Josh and Kris talk about his school, De Kinderen Huis, and its mission to provide growth through movement and play-based discovery. He also talks about his process for getting him and his team inspired, and how he saw and decided to pursue a child-care opportunity. Josh and his team have set themselves apart in the market and built a vibrant and abundant school with over 50 children enrolled in less than five months.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Josh shares his journey from a high school math teacher to a business owner. He came full circle a few months ago when he combined his experience in education and knowledge in sales and corporate business.
  • Josh decided to go forth and embark on his business venture when witnessing the lack of child care in his area. He had the available space and declared that within one month he would open a child-care facility.
  • Josh makes great use of his spare time and loves to stay busy. He also owns and runs a longtime DJ business, flips houses, and is currently converting a school bus into an RV with his children.
  • It’s important to make connections with people both personally and professionally that have done before what you are wanting to do, so they can help guide you down the path.
  • De Kinderen Huis is a wide-open 25,000-square-foot facility and 17,000 square feet of that is an indoor turf football field. They utilize this for their classroom centers so the children can be active and provides a way for him and his team to stand out in the community.
  • Once Josh got his vision in place, it was time to build his team. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and luckily Josh had the right support and knowledge to make the right choices to overcome the challenges.
  • Josh’s licensed capacity is 90. In just a few months they went from 8 to 45 kids. Acquiring them was a mix of word of mouth, personal connections, and marketing.
  • Kris and Josh talk pricing, and how even one dollar makes a difference when it comes to their pricing strategies.
  • There are no failures as long as you learn a lesson, have the right attitude, and communicate with your team and staff.

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