Four Steps to Get Out of the Overwhelm Loop

It’s a common feeling for business owners and directors to feel completely overwhelmed and unable to get to the core of their purpose because they are so busy putting out fires on the “hot mess express” every day. Kris takes this week’s episode to give a roadmap to get out of the loop of overwhelm with four practical steps. She also shares details about the 5-Day Crush Your Fall Enrollment Challenge, and why this super affordable game charger of a program may be the best thing you can do for your business this year.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris shares her personal results and goals she has accomplished so far this year from manifesting and self-work. She is living in her dream home by the river and marrying the man of her dreams, running a flourishing business, and even now rafting the Grand Canyon. However, it takes time, effort, and focus to really do the work.

  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed can have you feeling drained, exhausted, and frustrated that you aren’t getting to your bigger goals. Implementing these four steps consistently will set you up with a roadmap to free up time and energy for what is really important, and also allow room for the expected emergencies that pop up in life.

    • #1: Mindset and Beliefs. Have faith that you can take action and that this can work for you. Your mindset patterns and beliefs can either keep you stuck or propel you to a life that is balanced and abundant. Practice gratitude and know that you both have the tools inside of yourself, plus a community that cares and supports you here.

    • #2: Focus on Getting and Keeping Clients. This includes spending a little time to make sure you are on point with your enrollment tracking system, phone script, tour system and script, follow up calls, etc! Also, double down on inexpensive marketing such as promotions and email blasts.

    • #3. Money Management. Cash flow is freedom. Know your profit margin and break-even numbers, and how much you have coming in and out every month.

    • #4. Calendar Management. You have to take control, track your time, and set priorities so your team knows when you are in head-down work mode vs. open office hours for time, parent calls, and greetings. Block out your time and set it where everyone could see, and you may even have to rearrange your talent to make sure everyone on the bus is sitting on the right seat.

  • When you follow this roadmap, it frees up more time for establishing the best curriculum and culture, so the kids and families are getting their very best.

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