From Floater to Executive Director with Shannon Vasquez

Kris welcomes Shannon Vasquez, Executive Director of PB Schools. Shannon started as a floater in 2004 and has since grown the organization to 8 locations. In their chat, Shannon shares her journey from floater to leader and her goals for the upcoming year. She discusses how the Academy’s training and coaching have helped her build confidence in her leadership abilities and implement strategic planning practices. She and Kris chat about growing collaborative teams and the importance of courageous leadership when facing challenges. Plus, Shannon shares some fun facts including one of her favorite ways to destress – watching true crime!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [7:37] Shannon talks about PB Preschool and celebrates her 20th work anniversary.

  • [8:26] Shannon started as a floater.

  • [9:47] Shannon’s favorite age to work with.

  • [10:08] What a typical week looks like for Shannon.

  • [12:27] Why starting from scratch can be a good thing.

  • [13:29] Challenges in hiring and retaining staff.

  • [13:33] Growth is happening, but there’s still a long way to go in aligning company practices across two counties.

  • [13:57] Shannon’s goals for 2024.

  • [14:55] An update on enrollment.

  • [15:50] The 8 schools combined hold a capacity of 878.

  • [18:16] Shannon discusses the expansion.

  • [21:28] How the business changed and morphed over the last eight years.

  • [23:41] Feeling like a more confident leader and making friendships inside the Academy.

  • [26:20] The importance of listening.

  • [28:32] Winning Director of the Year.

  • [31:03] How Shannon defines a child care rockstar.

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