From Transactional To Relational: Making an Impact for Families with Solomon and Michelle Logan

Kris welcomes the husband and wife team, Solomon and Michelle Logan, of Logan’s Treehouse Childcare. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, they are going on center number three and impacting close to 450 children a day. In the episode, they talk about the beauty of embracing the right timing, learning from mistakes, and their mission to solve problems in their community and commit to a family-focused brand. They discuss the actual features in their schools that help them differentiate and be top-notch and the benefits that come from building a family-like atmosphere.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [9:05] Solomon and Michelle talk about their play-based and family-centered atmosphere.

  • [11:48] Why did one of their locations close down, and when can we expect it to be back up?

  • [14:46] The vision behind Logan’s Treehouse and how they made it happen, step by step.

  • [16:56] Their commitment to strive to make that family-like atmosphere and build strong relationships with their families.

  • [19:25] Solomon and Michelle talk about their personal life and the need to be structured with so much going on!

  • [22:35] Tips to create an environment that is more relational than transactional.

  • [25:14] Strategies for working together as a husband-and-wife team.

  • [30:10] The challenge of opening a center right when COVID-19 hit in 2020 and how they dealt with losing families and staff, and instead turned it into a positive.

  • [34:10] How did they find the academy and decide to take it seriously?

  • [38:19] What is EOS and how can it help people know who does what and bring clarity around job responsibilities and roles?

  • [40:26] What is next for Solomon and Michelle in 2023 and beyond?

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  1. Tami PANKEY

    I have never met the Logans but know of a dear family member. I have followed them on FB and just looking at what GOD has done they are a BLESSING to their community 🙏. My history in Child care is running a Pediatric Childcare Center and as a Registered Nurse I know what it means to do GOOD Childcare. Wish they were in Knoxville. PRAYING that GOD will continue to BLESS THEIR VISION!

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