Fun, Flexibility, and Family with Tameenah Adams

Today, Kris has the pleasure of talking with Tameenah Adams, owner and leader of Happy Faces Early Learning Academy. Tameenah is a true rock star and shares her core values, vision, and how she has become a transparent and empowered leader that people want to follow. Between her family at Happy Faces and her own seven children, Tameenah plays with some game-changing strategies, high values and a vision that is open to adapt to her environment. She loves promoting herself and her business out in the community and commits herself to being of service and sharing her gifts to lift up herself and those around her.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris welcomes today’s guest, Tameenah Adams, owner and leader of Happy Faces Early Learning Academy in the DC area. Her mom got into the business in 1987 and Tameenah joined her to help grow the brand and business with now up to 168 children in their primary location.
  • Tameenah compares herself to Mother Hubbard, taking children in to care for them. She loves to play roulette and has a winning strategy she likes to keep to herself!
  • She recently had a personal tragedy that took her away from the business for 6-8 months. Her staff jumped in and helped run the business, which she found to be a blessing.
  • Tameenah opened up a second employer-sponsored location.
  • Even with a staff of over 55 people, Tameenah still makes sure it has the family feel where everyone involved feels part of something big and important.
  • Happy Faces is 97% subsidized. She shares how this makes her extra vigilant about making sure her budget and business matters are all tightened up and on point.
  • Always keep your business cards out and available. You never know who you will come across that is a potential client or resource.
  • She was never a book reader until she came to the Summit! Now she also enjoys listening to Audible books on her commute and throughout her day.
  • Tameenah defines a child care rockstar as the person that comes into the field and keeps looking for a way to make their vision work, no matter what the challenges or obstacles. They are committed to their goals and are not afraid to put in the effort and personal development and share their gifts with the world.
  • One of the biggest challenges Tameenah has faced is keeping herself motivated. She overcomes a plateau by feeding herself new uplifting information and surrounding herself with inspiring people.

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