Getting Back To Your Purpose With Love And Confidence with Joy Clore Willis

Kris welcomes Joy Clore Willis, aka Mama Joy, Director of A Kids Gym in Oviedo, Florida. In between cruising around Alaska and spending time with her children and grandchildren, Joy is the busy mind behind A Kids Gym, where they incorporate activity and play as well as traditional physically-oriented services. Joy talks about the changes that came about when she joined Kris’s community, and what she has done to grow her confidence and inspire her staff. Joy also talks about powerful marketing messages that have worked and finding structure during uncertain times.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [10:57] Joy talks about how she combined her background in PE and creative movement to open a special place where kids could come and feel welcome.

  • [14:52] Joy shares her journey of expansion since opening her preschool and how her program has evolved over they years.

  • [16:23] Joy shares a few super fun facts about herself.

  • [20:08] Joy shares some of the insights she has learned over the pandemic, and how she and her team rose up during some of the most difficult challenges.

  • [24:57] Joy shares how she stays optimistic and keeps her head on solid as a leader navigating through tough times.

  • [33:46] Joy shares the part of her secret sauce for leading her staff with purpose, getting them bought into her vision, and how she continues to find quality employees that are a fit for her school.

  • [35:51] Joy shares how her personality traits of being a natural celebrator and cheerleader have helped keep her teams cup full and their culture elevated.

  • [40:39] Joy and Kris talk about the top marketing assets that set Kids Gym apart.

  • [40:53] Kris asks Joy to share what one thing is that she would have done differently in her life if she could.

  • [44:30] Joy shares her definition of what a child care rockstar is.

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