Getting Your Powerful Message to the Right Audience with Kim Walsh Phillips

Kris welcomes very special guest Kim Walsh Phillips, founder of the business coaching and education company Powerful Professionals, best-selling author, and MBA-free self-made millionaire. Kim is the behind-the-scenes secret weapon of some of the biggest names in business, including Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank and Dan Kennedy, and went from 32 clients to over 11,000 clients in less than a year. Kim shares some six- and seven-figure tips for social media marketing, automation, and email copy. She and Kris discuss how to make sure your message goes out to the right people, and that it keeps them entertained and engaged throughout the whole process. Kim shares a great tool for creating weekly videos, and how you can both have a beautiful family that you spend time with and a highly successful career.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [10:16] Kim talks about starting a coaching business and finding a way to scale it so that she can still get her kids off the bus each day.

  • [12:38] Kim shares great advice from a former Surgeon General to never tell your children you have to go to work but to instead frame it in a way that you get to go make an impact.

  • [19:30] There are certain brands that do a great job of email marketing, such as Disney.

  • [20:58] What is the difference between direct response and regular brand advertising?

  • [22:29] You can pull engaging and entertaining content, even into a sales pitch.

  • [23:21] A Dan Kennedyism: the number-one sin of marketing is being boring. Remember to bring forth your personality and fun, and get creative on how you can charm parents.

  • [24:40] Kim names some great tools to get inspiration: Swipe File and theSkimm.

  • [28:02] Kim discusses how her journey and relationship with social media have changed.

  • [29:41] Kim shares how to note what you don’t like, what you do, and the story to create a 10-video plan all at once, that will go out once a week.

  • [40:19] Kim explains the success she and her team has had hiring people based on personality type rather than just skill. This way, everyone can get to work in their zone of genius.



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