Giving Children the World with Dawn Uribe

Dawn Uribe, the owner of Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool, joins Kris today to talk about her vast expansion mode and how she came to the vision of owning a Spanish immersion school. Dawn is a game changer in her marketplace and she has some great golden nuggets on how to drive your vision forward with a system for freedom, why it’s necessary to schedule in time to focus on goals, how to finance your expansion, delegate to your team, and break through fear. She also discusses challenges that are unique to her situation and gives some practical tips for owning your inner rockstar.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • While much of the Child Care Success Team is remote, Kris recommends using Slack and Zoom as communication platforms.
  • Dawn purchased the first Mis Amigos in 2005. At the time she wanted a way for her son to learn Spanish and ended up developing a passion for both business and leadership. It has grown into two locations — one in Hopkins with seven rooms and a capacity of 92, and another in St. Paul with a location of their own and a capacity of 85. There are also new locations on the horizon, as Dawn and her team are certainly in growth mode.
  • Fun fact: singing is a lifelong passion of Dawn’s, and she has been at it since she was 2.
  • Dawn had a strong interest in teaching herself and her children more about the world and different cultures. There are a host of benefits that come with children learning new languages — research has shown it sparks an interest in lifelong learning and a wider world perspective.
  • Communication is a challenge for any early child care business, but Dawn has even more to work with. While the majority of her staff are from a different country, and the fact that they hold staff meetings in Spanish, she is always focused on communication between both between management staff and teachers, and also between parents and teachers.
  • While Dawn is in fast expansion mode, she also stays open to opportunities that come up along the way.
  • There is much to be gained from community involvement, and developing a strong network.
  • Trust, but verify. It is important to empower and delegate your team and to give them the freedom to handle situations with them trusting that you are there as a coach and mentor if needed.
  • Dawn defines a rockstar as someone improving the industry with professionalism.

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