Survival Sally (or Sam) is in survival mode. She started with a dream to impact children and make a good living for herself. But because she’s literally trying to do it ALL – from scheduling staff, doing tours, payroll, licensing, even working in the kitchen and driving the bus – she is 110% overloaded. She has no time to work on marketing her center or reviewing her financials, so she’s on a treadmill of low to no profit (she may even be LOSING money every month) and no time to grow her enrollment. She is likely working 60-70 hours a week, not earning the income she dreamed about, burnt out, and lonely. She desperately wants time to work on her business and maximize her enrollment, so she can hire some office help and reduce her stress and overwhelm.


• You are barely making ends meet and stress out about making payroll
• You would give anything for a regular paycheck
• You are under water financially and thinking about closing your doors
• You have moderate to severe under-enrollment
• Your family or marriage is suffering because you’re always at the
• You are a start-up who wants all the tools to be successful, right from
the start


1. Revenue Growth & Stability. Your enrollment is likely less than 70% to capacity, or it has large fluctuations, so you are often (or always) worried about cash flow and covering your expenses. You need to focus on revenue first, so you can get out of survival mode, and into thrive mode. The way to do this is through the proven, repeatable enrollment and marketing system based on the Kris Murray methodology.

2. Basic Financial Management Skills. You may have a “head in the sand” mentality around business finances. You’re probably not reviewing and understanding your financials consistently, if at all. You need financial benchmarks and easy-to-understand “financial 101” training so you can manage cash flow and take a consistent paycheck. We’ll work with you to develop monthly financials and understand how to make decisions from them.

3. Better Staff Attendance, Retention, and Motivation. You try to be a good leader but sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating dealing with staff. Call-outs and illness are often killing your productivity. Every time a teacher quits, it causes stress and heartburn because you have to spend time in the classroom covering ratio. We’ll give you the foundational path for putting building blocks in place to shift your culture and hire more A-Players who stay.


The Growth Track is specifically designed to help Sally or Sam gain stability and income GROWTH in her business. Here’s what your game-changing year with us will look like:

Live 2-Day Meetings. You’ll get TWO 2-day conferences with us this year, one in January and one in July. These will be held on Friday-Saturday to make it easier for you to be away from your center.

NEW: Mastermind Pod Group Calls. Your “mastermind pod” of 5-7 people, facilitated by a Kris Murray coach via the Zoom video-call platform, will help you strategize and get clarity and encouragement on your crucial next steps. Pods will meet monthly and will include members who have similar school profiles and business goals.

NEW: “Deep Dive” Topic-Based Training Calls. You will have access to 2-hour Topic Intensive live training calls with a Faculty member. Topics will be track-specific based on program goals for each membership level. Case studies, member results and “focus time” will be provided, so you can implement quickly and get huge wins.

NEW: Weekly Live Support Q&A Calls On these open Q&A calls with a Kris Murray Faculty member, bring your pressing questions every week for instant help and massive clarity. You’re never more than 6 days away from the personalized guidance you need.

NEW: Asset Checklist Toolbox For Growth Level Plus Digital Resources and Courses in Online Members Area. Focusing on Enrollment, Marketing, Basic Financials, and Culture Improvement. A treasure trove of resources, templates, tools, and training, designed for Survival Sally or Sam so you don’t get overwhelmed. Includes full access to the Academy Resource Library of Tools and 11 courses and master classes.

Growth Track Private Facebook Group. Your community of fellow Growth Track members are here to support you on any issue, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ask questions, share ideas and tools, and get instant help from the Kris Murray Faculty.

Child Care Success Summit 2020. As you’ve experienced, the Success Summit is THE event for ongoing inspiration, motivation, and early learning business training. You get TWO complimentary tickets next year, plus access to this year’s full recordings.

Mindset & Confidence. We find that all our members really struggle with old mindset patterns which are no longer serving them. We will help you shift your mindset so you are empowered to believe in a new bigger vision for your business and your life.