Helping Employees Achieve Their Personal and Professional Dreams with Alix Hall

I am so excited to welcome our guest today who has over FOUR DECADES of experience in early childhood education. Alix Hall has seven centers in California, Discovery Tree and Arista Schools, and is also partnered with Child Care Business Coach Rachel Supalla on multiple Montana locations of Discovery KidZone. Alix has developed a leadership style focused on uplifting women, promoting from within, and building a network of people who love to work and grow with her. Her eclectic curriculum philosophy is a unique blend that is mainly influenced by Piaget and RIE and encourages multi-age grouping. This episode will inspire you to have pride in the field of early childhood education, implement new technologies, strive for trickle-down leadership, and as Alix says, “Just go for it!”

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [6:18] Kris shares an update on what The Child Care Success Company has been up to and has planned for this year.

  • [9:55] Alix fills us in on her locations and where they are.

  • [14:35] Alix shares how the enrollment in her schools has been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • [17:23] Alix provides us with the types of modifications and changes that she implemented in her schools throughout the pandemic.

  • [21:10] Kris asks Alix to describe her leadership style and her method for developing her schools leaders from within.

  • [29:23] Alix shares the philosophy behind her schools and curriculum that that they follow.

  • [34:14] Kris asks Alix to share some tips and insights that she has for retaining a great staff.

  • [38:26] Alix shares more about what exactly her role is at the Association for Early Learning Leaders.

  • [42:28] Kris asks Alix to share one thing that she would do differently in her business if she could build it all over again. 

  • [44:50] Alix shares a few of the systems and applications that she is using in her centers.

  • [47:27] Kris asks Alix to share how she defines a Child Care Rockstar.

  • [51:48] Alix shares some of the resources and books that have been essential to her journey in early education.  

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