Hiring the right people isn’t just crucial—it’s the cornerstone of a thriving ECE center. Your team shapes the success of your business, influencing everything from enrollments to profitability. It’s not just about having anyone on board; it’s about having the right individuals who drive your center towards excellence. As we venture into a new year, ensuring you have the right team is more critical than ever.

Join us for an exclusive live training led by Steve Lloyd, a seasoned multi-site owner and CCSA Success Coach. Discover how to conquer the challenges of hiring and overcome the alarming turnover rates that plague the ECE industry. Did you know that most companies only succeed in hiring A-players 25% of the time? You won’t be part of that statistic after this training!

In this groundbreaking session, you’ll learn to:

    • Identify the key traits of your ideal team member
    • Craft impactful interview questions that reveal the best candidates
    • Align each individual with the roles where they’ll truly shine
    • Feel empowered to make tough personnel decisions confidently

Ready to leave hiring worries in the past and step into 2024 with a powerhouse team? Join Coach Steve Lloyd on December 13th, 2023, at 1 pm EST for Highway to Success: Drive with Your Dream Team and Leave Hitchhikers Behind!

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Meet Your Trainer, CCSA Coach Steve Lloyd

Steve Lloyd, a Child Care Business Coach at the Child Care Success Company™, brings a diverse background to his role. From his youth to a stint as a missionary in Spain and working as an EMT Paramedic in Oklahoma City, his journey led him to co-own Rocky Mountain Preschool with his mother, Jessica. Recognizing the importance of outdoor learning, he’s committed to enhancing children’s experiences. With 12 years in the business and insight gained as a Scoutmaster, Steve is passionate about addressing childhood development gaps.

His mission as a coach is to inspire others to discover their purpose and fulfillment as leaders. He firmly believes in the untapped potential within each person and champions self-belief for limitless possibilities.